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Includes a WeatherComJSON setting skin that can be added to any weather skin using WeatherComJSON files developed on the Rainmeter Forum.

JSMorley (and others)l for WeatherComJSON files
Mordasius, SiiverAzide, and QuakeGuy for AutoLocation inspiration
ApexXx-Sensei settings skins

V  1.2023.04.02
- Corrected Visibility to show distance and not speed units (Thanks to SoonerJack)

V  1.2023.02.30
- Corrected Timezone Half-Hour Capture
- Added Mouseover Shaded Background
- Custom Context Menu

V  1.2023.02.29
- Simplified Auto-location (Thanks Mordasius!)
- Corrected webparser error messages display
- APIKey can be saved to variables and copied to clipboard
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MAY 15, 2024 Weather FIX

Right-click the skin, select 'More actions...', 'Weatherview >', 'GetAPIKey', and click 'GetAPIKey.ini'

This will update the value and should correct the error after you refresh Rainmeter.