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Wallpapers Unsplash | Rainmeter Wallpaper Control

A Rainmeter skin to search/save/set photos from Unsplash as your desktop wallpaper

Search Unsplash photos using keyword(s) and set the resulting photo as your desktop wallpaper
Saves the photo in the skin for use as random or slideshow desktop wallpaper
Option to set random desktop wallpapers at set time intervals
Optional Slideshow to change your desktop wallpaper every 5 minutes (time is adjustable)
Open the search result webpage to select alternate photos
Open saved wallpaper folder to maintain the content (remove, set as wall, etc.)

Mouse Actions
Left-click "Search" to enter keywords, press "Enter" to initiate search
Middle-click "Search" to open the search results page for alternate photos
Double-Left-Click the logo to open the folder of downloaded wallpapers
Middle-click the logo to refresh Unsplash with new wallpaper (using "Show Random Wallpaper")
Right-click for custom skin menu; change time schemes, set current search or random photos selection, open Rainmeter skin menu, etc.

Usage Notes
Change intervals are driven by time; wallpaper will change on the "minute" or "hour", once the selection is made from the custom skin menu.

The slideshow change rate, default is 5 minutes (300 seconds), can be set by changing the "SlideRate" in the [Variables] section.

Two photos included in package (Art Rembrandt {shown} and challenge)

Requires Rainmeter V4.3.0.0 minimum (

Corrected bug : Slideshow activated on refresh
Corrected bug : Slideshow active with other time schemes
Install will not overwrite downloaded photos

Initial release
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Very cool!  Thanks for sharing. :)
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You are welcome, enjoy!