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Visions+Weather V3.2020.11.09

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Visions+ Weather
5 weather skins (Current Weather, Current Weather w/Moon, Multi-Day (1 to 6 Days) Weather w/Moon, Moon Data w/Icon, and Moon Icon)
The original skin package and info is here: Original Visions+ Page
None of those original skins work due to changes to and IOHelix feeds.

Update Aug 1, 2020
New Measures using V3 JSON data

Major Overhaul of All Skins ~ Update Mar 18, 2020
I combined 3-Day and 5-Day into an expandable (1~6 Day) Multi-Day skin.
I removed the 9-Day since they are not supported by TWC.
I removed deprecated terms and corrected the moon and weather data collection.
Corrected a few long standing coding errors.
Added resources folder; Fonts, Images, Included Measures, Sound, and Weather includes are there.

The skins remain almost unchanged in their functionality, so the instructions available in the skin are still valid for those who want to customize the appearance of any of the graphics.

Credits are still retained by Sgt. E. V. McKay in all skins.


V 4.2020.11.09
Corrected Multi-Day Night Text display on mouse over night icons

V 4.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing
Updated location finder based on JSMorley's WeatherCodeFinder

Release 4.2020.04.08
Chameleon plugin added to package
Corrected MoonPhase2 missing location info

Release 4.2020.03.18
Reduced number of skins by combining 3 Day and 5 Day into Multi-Day (1-6 Days).
Re-wrote to use TWC JSON and JSMorley's Weather Includes and Locator

Release 3.2020.01.07
Optimized background functions
- All variables (except Moon size) are in "@ Resources\"
- All skins use single "@ Includes\"
- Grouped Meters
- Unified styles in Moon Phase skins

Release Beta 3b.2020.01.02
- Combined skins
- Added Chameleon Color backgrounds
- Added Weather Locator
- Added Metric/Imperial toggle
- Added Black/White text color toggle

Release working version Beta 3a.2019.12.31
- Corrected TWC and Moon data collecting

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Is there anyway to make the overall box/bar smaller?

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Not sure I understand; you can select the number of days to reduce the width...

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I'm wanting to make the box "thinner" where it's closer to the top of the monitor screen

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What variant are you talking about? There is no "Box" in these skins, there is a background, but I have no idea what you are asking.

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This will be updated shortly...

Due to changes at the weather site, the code needs to be re-written.

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Updated Aug 1...

Download the new package from the link below the image.

Note: You must be signed into DeviantArt to be able to download.

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Invalid TimeStampFormat: %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S (Visions+\Weather\TWC_Multi_Day\TWC_Multi_Day.ini - [@CurrentSunriseTime])

I gives me this message is it possible for you to help me fix it? It looks really nice

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Follow these steps to correct all non-working weather skins.

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Working and updated!

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ALL Rainmeter weather skins using the TWC feed stopped working Jan 15...

I am looking at alternative sources if the feed is truly never going to be available.

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Very good Skin Congratulations

Could you do a german translation ?

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You can edit the sections of "@ Resources\" file to change the phrases in the skin to any desired language.

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Oh, okay. Thanks for the tip:D

Have a nice evening

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Still actual and good looking. Thanks for updating this!

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