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Stereo Visualizer

:: Bars, Circles, Rings, Arcs, etc. ::
Multiple Optional Animated Styles for Rainmeter
75+ Styles Included + 7~10 Optional Beat Animations for Each Styles = Unlimited Variations!

Ability to Open, Create, Edit, & Save Your Own Styles

Detailed Information and Instructions in PDF format Versa-Visualizer 2017

:: Recent History ::
V 1.2018.07.08
:bulletyellow: Changed Horizontal and Vertical Config Editors so animations are disabled while editing shapes and spacing
:bulletyellow: 'Default Anim' setting will take effect when visualizer skin is refreshed

V 1.2018.07.07
:bulletgreen: Added experimental rotation to the horizontal version; see the [Variables] section of the skin for info
:bulletgreen: Added Artist to the mouse-over info and re-positioned to center

V 1.2018.07.05a
:bulletyellow: Corrected formula for Spin Drive of Circular version :(

V 1.2018.07.05
:bulletgreen: Added ability to show/hide left/right channels
:bulletgreen: Added Group Dragging ~ all versions can be moved as one skin to position
:bulletyellow: Simplified Context Menu ~ All Animation is controlled by Left Mouse Double-clicks
:bulletyellow: Modified Circular Spin for better response and greater control

V 1.2018.07.04
:bulletyellow: Changed location of horizontal version to a separate folder
:bulletyellow: Modified animations to persist on refresh; note animation will use saved spacing when refreshed
:bulletred: Removed animation options from context menu; double-click visualizer to step through all possible animations
:bulletyellow: Corrected hiding shapes when audio is muted
:bulletyellow: Corrected baseline positioning; will persist when refreshed if active
:: Will update instruction PDF as time permits...


Are you tired of the 'Boring Bar Scene'?
I don't mean the place you go to knock down a few, until 1's look like 10's!

I'm talking about audio visualizers that ONLY display bars!
Variations? Oh yeah... different colors {whoopee!}, different orientation {ugh!}, random colors {yippie!}... But in the end they are still just BARS!

Now there is an alternative to the 'Boring Bar Scene' ...

Try Versa-Visualizer (Not your Father's Bar Audio Visualizer!)

If you like bars (and who doesn't!), Versa-Visualizer can do those, plus it can color co-ordinate them to your desktop, vary intensity, and animate them (wildly) if you want!

But there is much more to Versa-Visualizer than just Bars...
Slanted Bars, Rectangles, Circles, Rings, Centerline Dots, and all types of 'Wedgies'!

And these shapes don't just go up & down like bars.
Versa-Visualizer lets you select a static vertical and horizontal dispersion, or use Beat Animation, with Smooth (Vertical Only) or Manic (both Horizontal and Vertical) movement.

Versa-Visualizer also lets you:
Create, Save, and Select Styles 
Create, Save, and Select Color Schemes

So get out of the bar, and give something different a try... after playing with Versa-Visualizer, you'll never want to go back to boring bars!

Enjoy a few on me!

NOTICE: Larger image sizes and animation can load down some CPUs, so reasonable choices are recommended; just like when drinking! 

WARNING: If you are updating and want to save any styles or color schemes you created, you must manually copy those folders to a location outside of the Skins\Versa-Visualizer folder, then copy them back after updating.

A Versatile Stereo Audio Visualizer Rainmeter Skin
InLine (Horizontal & Vertical versions) And Circular Visualizers
Create, Save, and Edit each separate version Styles
7 Levels of Beat/Rhythm Animation for InLine Visualizers via Left-click
Additional Spin Animation for Circular Styles 
Toggle Animations Pause with Middle-click
Display Audio in Stereo as Bars, Slanted Bars, Circles, Rings, Rectangles, etc. in Both Visualizers
(Editable) Preset Configurations for Bars, Slanted Bars, Circles, Half-Circles Up/Down, Rings, Half-Rings Up/Down, Rectangles, PacMan, and more...
Full Configuration Skin(s) to generate your own visualizers with 4 Slots for Saving Your Favorite Settings (Favorites can be Renamed; added to style list)
Multiple Color Schemes: 16 Included... 
Chameleon Wallpaper Matching Color Gradient Generator for Generating Your Own Color Schemes (Activates on theme color change)
Selection for Static or Animated Vertical Dispersion
Adjustable Horizontal Aspect Spacing including Channel Cross-Overs
L / R Channel Display Separation
Over-All Centering Adjustment (Centering Line Disappears while Adjusting [scroll slowly])
Full Audio Settings and Sound Leveling to Smooth Display
Monitoring skins to eliminate CPU usage when there is no sound

Optional Background Blurring (only works on Win 10) using Frosted Glass plugin by theAzack9

SpinBeat… by TmrGast
Modified spin for Circle version using the methods explained in his skin

Radian Vibrance… by FreezingClouds
Base inspiration for using Roundline meter to generate shapes

Skin Menus and Samples Images 


V 1.2017.03.26
:bulletgreen: Added horizontal expand/contract animation to Horizontal and Vertical versions
:bulletgreen: Added invisible backgrounds for better mouse click detection
:bulletyellow: Modified animation selection from left mouse single click to left mouse double-click. Prevents accidental animation changes
:bulletyellow: Updated PDF Information and Instruction document (link is above)

V 1.2017.03.19 Update (Correction!):
:bulletyellow: Added Shape Animation back into the context menu options for the Circle version Doh!
:bulletgreen: Added invisible meter to allow better control of the Circle version animation (Now click anywhere near it!)

V 1.2017.03.16 Update:
:bulletgreen: Added optional Cover Art
:bulletyellow: Added shadow effect to Title text
May add a Duration indicator to cover in the near future :/

V 1.2017.02.03 Update:
:bulletgreen: Add optional BaseLine/CenterLine to visualizers accesible in the context menu
:bulletyellow: Re-instated Spin Direction change in Circle Visualizer's context menu
:bulletyellow: Reduced the Title font to allow for more information
:bulletyellow: Beat & Spin Animation 'Toggle' added to the Circle version context menu 

V 1.2017.01.14... Added Option to toggle gradient or single color bars via context menus 

V 1.2017.01.12... Circle Version :: Added SpinBeat Reverse Animation | Expanded Animation Menu

V 1.2016.11.17 Update: 
:bulletyellow: Removed the automatic loading of the monitor skins... they could cause Rainmeter to crash when the visualizers are first loaded.
You can still load the monitor skins (suggested to do so) from the context menu after opening the visualizer, to reduce the system load when you are not listening to music.
V 1.2016.11.05 Update:
Added New Features:
:bulletgreen: Open Style Editor to edit current selected style from the Style List via middle mouse click
:bulletgreen: SaveAs Favorite is available in editors for ALL styles (previously only showed in 'Default' style)
:bulletyellow: Corrected saving of vertical style in SaveAs setting; was incorrectly writing to horizontal style
:bulletyellow: Corrected horizontal and vertical version use of loop dispersion during vertical animations; before the display would jump when max dispersion was reached... now it is a smooth reversal of animation
Version 1.2016.11.04
Added a Minimum Shape Color 'Intensity' setting
* Originally the shape color intensity was driven solely by the audio level, so low level sounds did not show with the same intese color of louder sounds
* You can set a minimum color level for shapes. The intensity of the color will still be increased until the sounds reach maximum level
* if set to 255, then shapes are full color intensity and will resize based on sound levels
* At zero (original value), the color intensity and size are both controlled by sound levels

'Outer Ring Size' is now 'Shape Size' and 'Inner Ring' is now a 'Threshold' Level setting
* 'Outer Ring Size' actually set the 'Shape Size', so I renamed it in the Editors
* Modified the effect of the 'Inner Ring Size' setting; changed it to a 'Threshold' setting
* For Bars this sets the 'crossover' value so bars will be below and above based on the sound level (The bars will appear to flip from low side to high side)
* For Circular shapes this sets a crossover level along the diameter; the border will move outward, increasing the inside diameter of a circle the size of the threshold value. When the threshold is reached, the color will fill from the threshold to the current border sound level (It will appear as 2 types of rings)
* Optimal setting is about 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the Shape Size setting

Added Border Alpha setting
* The color intensity of the border image can be set (originally a static value of '245')

Added Vertical positioning for Circle visualizer 
* Sometimes the Circular visualizer could not be positioned high enough on the screen (Windows will not let a skin be placed above the top of the screen, even with 'Keep On Screen' disabled), using the V Position setting, the placement can be improved

Added Preset Centering via middle mouse click of <Centering> or <V Position> setting
* Each visualizer style may require a unique centering value; a middle click should get you close to the average center for each visualizer version. Scrolling the mouse over those meters will fine tune the centering of each style.

Version 1.2016.09.23
Corrected equalizer action being overwritten by a default value
Added optional monitor skins for each version; when active they will control unloading/re-loading based on sound absence or presence
Added navigation buttons to the Style lists
Added Detailed Instructions in PDF format Versa-Visualizer Info

Version 1.2016.08.13
Modified Chameleon skin (corrected generation action)
Updated Chameleon plugin to latest version


Version 1.2016.04.25
Initial release
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Thanks, glad you like it!

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Fantastic Vis. But, how can I change the media player. I use Musicbee and I don't get any track info or album cover. Thanks.

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Edit '@ Resources\' in a text editor.

Change Player=Winamp to Player=CAD

Save the file. You have to activate the CAD option in MusicBee's preferences.

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how can you pause the collapsing animation permanently? 
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Open the style editor. Set the Beat Animation value to zero. (All animations are optional.)

To recreate a style similar to some point in an animation, open the style editor, set 'Beat Animation' to zero, change 'Shape Spacing', 'Vert Dispersion', etc. and 'Apply'... keep changing settings until you have the shapes and spacing you want. To save those as a new style, save as one of the 'Fav#', open the styles selection skin, click the Title to open the style folder, copy/paste the '' and rename it with a unique name.
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Nice skins +fav+fav +fav  Rage :happybounce: I am a dummy! Love La la la la Clap 
do u tihk u could maybe tell me the specs for that first sample with the circle and cross
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That is all 3 versions running at the same time; all are set to the 'Circle' style, with no animation.

Refreshing each, in different orders, will layer them as you desire.

You can animate them using the mouse clicks or the context menus.
What is that grey background in the sample? Can i get a link on it?
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Get it at WallpaperFusion: Tiles Everywhere
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The best of the best 
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Thanks... glad to hear you like Versa~tility! :thumbsup:
How do you turn up the sensitivity on the bass visualizer? How can you make the animations not go up and down the desktop?
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The sensitivity is controlled by the 'Configure','AudioConfig.ini' skin... load that to adjust the sensitivity.

The vertical animation is controlled by editing the current style, and setting the 'Beat Animation' value to anything other than '2' or '5', those values enable vertical animation.

You can also just left-click the visualizer to step through all of the possible animations.
Or middle-click the visualizer to pause/unpause current animations.

Finally, you need to download the info PDF (link is above) and read it; it has all of that info... 
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OMG! This is so amazing :happybounce:  thank you I am a dummy! 
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Working on a few tweaks... but it will be a while before I post any update.
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well please keep up the amazing work, u are doing it really well :)
Hey there, just ran through some issue with the Visualizer yesterday. I've changed my audio setup and now that I'm using my DT 770 it seems like the visualizer will only pick up whatever it wants to. In other words, I am no longer getting sound from music (Winamp, Groove...), but things like Skype still affect it.
My former headset was using an optical connection, while this one is directly plugged in mini-Jack. Also, the sounds not getting picked up by the Visualizer do not seem to be picked up by Windows either (I'm getting no feedback on the audio tabs in parameters, the hedset is working fine though...).
I've tried checking on things here and there, but it does not sem to help. Also, might be Worth noticing most of the skin settings got messed up whenever I swapped the headsets.
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The visualizer simply uses the output of the AudioLevel plugin which uses the default Windows sound.

I would recommend looking at this Rainmeter Forum thread, and if you are still having problems, post a question on that forum. The author of the plugin is the best one to ask when things stop working. 

It is not possible for any of the skins to "mess up" the settings without actively using the built-in editors.
Well I pretty much just changed my headset, I don't think that should have modified th skin in any manner... Still, got everything in order since then, I just wanted to tell you of that because it might havehelped in finding what's wrong.
After having read through the topic, I guess it might be because of my sound card. I'll try reinstalling my headset drivers though.
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Drivers re-install is always a good idea. You might want to check to see if your new sound card is trying to maintain exclusive control of the audio; I have read where that can also create problems. 
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