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Umbrella for Rainmeter

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Umbrella Corp for Rainmeter
Latest Version: 3.2016.05.22 (See

Clean! :: Virus Total Scan Report:…

Inspired by
BlueVision V0.2 Rainmeter skins by g3xter
BlueVision V0.2 Alpha [RAINMETER]

And by
Umbrella Image by Nitingarg
Umbrella Corporation Wallpaper

:: NOTE: All skins can be arranged to suit your preference. Text items are designed to be visible on almost any color background. The main graphic color can be selected to match/compliment almost any wallpaper.

:bulletblue: Four Graphics Options (Solid|Faded|Outlined|Clear)
:bulletblue: Three Background Options (Clear|Light|Dark)
:bulletblue: All Text is Customize-able (All Rainmeter Options)
:bulletblue: Main Bar Graphics will Scale to Match Any Screen Width
:bulletblue: All Skins Can Be Freely Arranged to Any Screen Position
:bulletblue: Skin Highlighting on Mouse Hover
:bulletblue: BluVision Digital Clock by g3xter (Added 2 smaller sizes)
:bulletblue: Modified graphics from Umbrella Wallpaper by nitingarg
:bulletblue: Up to 8 core graphs
:bulletblue: HDD monitors (Size|Space|Read-Write|Temperature{SpeedFan Needed}) and access for all drive letters (C~Z)
:bulletblue: Net In-Out graph
:bulletblue: Ram-Swap graph
:bulletblue: Optional "fade" for aged graphs (set '0' to show or '1' for clear graphs)
:bulletblue: 5-Day weather for up to 5 locations (Click 'Threat Level...')
:bulletblue: Username (Click to edit skin variables)
:bulletblue: Date
:bulletblue: Uptime
:bulletblue: PC Name
:bulletblue: CPU Speed
:bulletblue: Google Mail count & access
:bulletblue: Yahoo Mail support via FeedFlip (see instruction note in 'About.txt' or 'ymail.ini' file)
:bulletblue: Google & Yahoo as possible RSS feeds via FeedFlip (see above notes)
:bulletblue: Wallpaper gallery and Wallpaper Set (Click 'Security Level...') (Auto-Cycle)
:bulletblue: 5 setting options on Wallpaper gallery for: Centered, Tiled, Stretched, Fit, or Fill wallpapers
:bulletblue: Moshi's UniNews Reader V1.4 (Auto-Cycle)
:bulletblue: 2 Launchers (20+ items) : Based on LaunchORama by JSMorley…
:bulletblue: 5 Editable Note pages (Auto-Cycle)
:bulletblue: Small and Tall versions of Notes and RSS
:bulletblue: Able to set page change times individually for RSS, Notes, and Gallery
:bulletblue: Timeline indicators to RSS, Notes, and Gallery (countdown to change...)
:bulletblue: Light or Dark themes (Backgrounds) for the Terminals, Notes, and RSS Feeds
:bulletblue: Multi-Search-Run (13 search engines and Command Run)
:bulletblue: Launcher for Umbrella skins and System setup
:bulletblue: Animated 'Faux' terminal screen
:bulletblue: Animated CPU level Umbrella icon
:bulletblue: Animated T-Virus vial window (Click the umbrella)
:bulletblue: T-Virus info window (Click the Titlebar)
:bulletblue: Corporation Access agreement window (Click Sign-On terminal)
:bulletblue: Threat & Security indicators (Based on CPU use)
:bulletblue: NowPlaying media (supports most players)
:bulletblue: CoverArt (75% of normal size), Tintable to theme color
:bulletblue: Hide-able media controls
:bulletblue: CoverArt option to display with controls or only when the controls are hidden
:bulletblue: Artist & Title Display & Search
:bulletblue: Multiple freely place-able graphics to personalize your display

Wallpaper in preview available here…
© 2013 Wallpaper pics | Theme by Eleven Themes

Let me know if you have any issues... Needs Rainmeter 3.1 or higher

:bulletred: WIP... ideas or comments welcomed
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This is really, really good! Great job on it! First time i'm using something like rainmeter. (And I got it just so I could use this skin!) One question: Where can one find the T-Virus statistics window, with the antigens and what-not? (I feel blind sometimes, lel)

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Let me start the "Wayback Machine" ... okay, in 2016, you will find that skin in "Skins\Umbrella\TVirus", click "tvirusterminal.ini" to load.

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Man, I really like that work but my antivirus won't let me download. Now I am not saying that your skin is infected, just that maybe my defense net is a little sensitive? I have been downloading quite a few skins in the past couple days and have run into a few skins that did the same thing so I just did not download cause I do trust my antivirus. I do like your work. Any help would as to resolve this would be appreciated. Thanx
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The package is clean. It does use  several add ons for file selection, color selection, and system color change detection. They can result in false-positive responses from some anti-virus.

To help you feel more at ease, you can scan the file with an on-line virus test that will show the result of about 60 different antivirus schemes.
Virus-Total You may see 1 or 2 false-positives, but the vast majority will show none.

I understand your caution, and appreciate that you like my work on this, so hopefully you can see it in action, but if you are still not sure I will understand.

EDIT: I update the 3rd line above with the latest Virus-Total results showing it is clean.
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this very nice work 
but i have question please when i open my still cam feed nothing appeared just red picture 
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You must set the path to your pictures. Open "Configure\setup.ini" and select "Timers/Camera" page. At the bottom, click on the "Cam Image Path" text, and enter the path to your pictures.
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thanks very much i will try it :)
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super beau  J'adore merci!
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Very nice! I use this with another rainmeter at the same time!
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Thanks! Glad you like it, Mix'n Match is a great use of Rainmeter skins :-)
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Hey, gimme a hand here if you don't mind.. I can't get my CPU's speed to show up in the user.ini skin.  I haven't changed any of the code in it yet, as it looks like it should work.. it just doesn't.

I'm running an AMD FX-8350 8-core, if that's important in any way.

I'mm absolutely loving the work you put into this!  It absolutely rocks.
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It has been a while since I coded this. Not sure why it is not showing for your CPU. Working here...

You could try adding a semicolon in front of the line 'UpdateDivder=3600' in the [MeasureCPUSpeed] section;
that will let it update once a second, just in case the PowerPlugin is having problems getting the info.

Beyond that feel free to try other methods or plugins/addons to get that detail.
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Hmm, that didn't seem to fix it.  Thanks though!  I'll mess around with it, and when I get it working I'll post here to let you know what it was. :)
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This might help... You could try "rebuilding" the database for the Performance Monitor, from the Windows command line.

Run cmd.exe, being sure to run "As administrator". At the command line, enter the following commands in order:

cd c:\windows\system32
lodctr /R
cd c:\windows\sysWOW64
lodctr /R

You should see the following results:

Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store
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Where can i get the I-Radio program? I searched for it but so many came up with similar names i wasn't sure which it was.
also not having any luck with the weather.

one more thing....

what is the MP button?
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