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Umbrella for Rainmeter

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Umbrella Corp for Rainmeter
Latest Version: 3.2016.05.22 (See

Clean! :: Virus Total Scan Report:…

Inspired by
BlueVision V0.2 Rainmeter skins by g3xter
BlueVision V0.2 Alpha [RAINMETER]

And by
Umbrella Image by Nitingarg
Umbrella Corporation Wallpaper

:: NOTE: All skins can be arranged to suit your preference. Text items are designed to be visible on almost any color background. The main graphic color can be selected to match/compliment almost any wallpaper.

:bulletblue: Four Graphics Options (Solid|Faded|Outlined|Clear)
:bulletblue: Three Background Options (Clear|Light|Dark)
:bulletblue: All Text is Customize-able (All Rainmeter Options)
:bulletblue: Main Bar Graphics will Scale to Match Any Screen Width
:bulletblue: All Skins Can Be Freely Arranged to Any Screen Position
:bulletblue: Skin Highlighting on Mouse Hover
:bulletblue: BluVision Digital Clock by g3xter (Added 2 smaller sizes)
:bulletblue: Modified graphics from Umbrella Wallpaper by nitingarg
:bulletblue: Up to 8 core graphs
:bulletblue: HDD monitors (Size|Space|Read-Write|Temperature{SpeedFan Needed}) and access for all drive letters (C~Z)
:bulletblue: Net In-Out graph
:bulletblue: Ram-Swap graph
:bulletblue: Optional "fade" for aged graphs (set '0' to show or '1' for clear graphs)
:bulletblue: 5-Day weather for up to 5 locations (Click 'Threat Level...')
:bulletblue: Username (Click to edit skin variables)
:bulletblue: Date
:bulletblue: Uptime
:bulletblue: PC Name
:bulletblue: CPU Speed
:bulletblue: Google Mail count & access
:bulletblue: Yahoo Mail support via FeedFlip (see instruction note in 'About.txt' or 'ymail.ini' file)
:bulletblue: Google & Yahoo as possible RSS feeds via FeedFlip (see above notes)
:bulletblue: Wallpaper gallery and Wallpaper Set (Click 'Security Level...') (Auto-Cycle)
:bulletblue: 5 setting options on Wallpaper gallery for: Centered, Tiled, Stretched, Fit, or Fill wallpapers
:bulletblue: Moshi's UniNews Reader V1.4 (Auto-Cycle)
:bulletblue: 2 Launchers (20+ items) : Based on LaunchORama by JSMorley…
:bulletblue: 5 Editable Note pages (Auto-Cycle)
:bulletblue: Small and Tall versions of Notes and RSS
:bulletblue: Able to set page change times individually for RSS, Notes, and Gallery
:bulletblue: Timeline indicators to RSS, Notes, and Gallery (countdown to change...)
:bulletblue: Light or Dark themes (Backgrounds) for the Terminals, Notes, and RSS Feeds
:bulletblue: Multi-Search-Run (13 search engines and Command Run)
:bulletblue: Launcher for Umbrella skins and System setup
:bulletblue: Animated 'Faux' terminal screen
:bulletblue: Animated CPU level Umbrella icon
:bulletblue: Animated T-Virus vial window (Click the umbrella)
:bulletblue: T-Virus info window (Click the Titlebar)
:bulletblue: Corporation Access agreement window (Click Sign-On terminal)
:bulletblue: Threat & Security indicators (Based on CPU use)
:bulletblue: NowPlaying media (supports most players)
:bulletblue: CoverArt (75% of normal size), Tintable to theme color
:bulletblue: Hide-able media controls
:bulletblue: CoverArt option to display with controls or only when the controls are hidden
:bulletblue: Artist & Title Display & Search
:bulletblue: Multiple freely place-able graphics to personalize your display

Wallpaper in preview available here…
© 2013 Wallpaper pics | Theme by Eleven Themes

Let me know if you have any issues... Needs Rainmeter 3.1 or higher

:bulletred: WIP... ideas or comments welcomed
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