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Unidentifiable Fluctuating Ovals

Rainmeter Audio Visualizer (YouTube Video Preview:…)

Requires Rainmeter v4.1.0.2879 minimum available here

Inspired by r/rainmeter reddit post by GlobTwo

Wallpaper "Crescent City Connection Bridge"…

V  1.2018.04.22
    Corrected typo causing error message about clamping
    Modified satellite shape gradient

V  1.2018.04.21
    Corrected hiding when audio is muted and when Satellite shape is hidden
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Does this work on windows 10?
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Yes, Win7 through Win10 should work fine.
Im running three monitors and when I put the disc exactly in the middle of the center monitor this happens: The satellite hits the left edge of the center screen (thats what I want) and then moves to the right. But it does not return after hitting the right edge of the center screen, instead it moves another 50 pixels onto the right monitor and then starts to move to the left again. How can I make it return when hitting the right edge of the center monitor?
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Modify the [MeasureXLoop] section and remove '+#XSpeed#' from IfCondition=

It should look like this:
Measure = Loop
StartValue = 0
EndValue = (#WorkAreaWidth#+#XSpeed#)
Increment = (1+#XSpeed#*[&MeasureAudioOut_RMS_SUM])
LoopCount = 0
IfCondition = (#CurrentSection#>=#WorkAreaWidth#)
IfTrueAction = [!SetOption #CurrentSection# InvertMeasure 1]
IfCondition2 = (#CurrentSection#<=0)
IfTrueAction2 = [!SetOption #CurrentSection# InvertMeasure 0]

Or change the '+' sign to '-' sign in that IfCondition; this will make it switch before the right edge is reached.

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You're welcome my mate......Us oldies have got to do something to keep us out of mischief so why not be good at it, as you are,  Brilliant work......:jedi:
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