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TaskbarX - an Extender for Windows 10 Taskbar

  • Rainmeter skin that compliments Windows Taskbar w/o Losing Functionality
  • Toggle between Full Cover or Exposed Area TaskbarX (Button / Middle-Click)
  • Work for any Screen Resolution
  • Versions for Large or Small Windows Taskbar Icons
  • Automatically sets TaskbarX to Windows Accent Color
  • Ability to set your own TaskbarX color
  • Task and Notification Sizes Adjustable
  • Icons for Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and Music
  • CPU & Ram Activity Monitors (Access Task Manager)
  • Network Activity Monitors
  • Weather (Context Menu Settings)
  • Expanded Details (The Weather Channel)
  • RSS 10 Item News Feed (Default: Reuters)
  • 10~12 Icon Launchers Included (Easy to add more for higher res displays)
  • ~350 Faenza Icons Included (Modified for smaller rmskin package)
  • Win10 App Launch Info (Click 'User Applications' in Setting skin)
  • Win10 Settings Launch Info (Click 'User Applications' in Setting skin)
  • TaskbarX Settings Skin for Simple Customizing

Inspired by MultiTaskbar by 1690Cat
Windows Accent Color by DollarD
WXDataLocation by JSMorley
RainFile by Kaelri
Fira Sans Font by Carrois Apostrophe
Faenza Icons by tiheum (modified for smaller rmskin size)
SysColor by Brian Ferguson
TWC Weather Icons from WXDataWeather by JSMorley

I recommend using TranslucentTaskbar by arkenthera for a very nice effect.

Version 1.2017.06.07
 - Added option to keep Full Cover bar all the time; normally shows Window Taskbar areas after launch
 - Added open settings skin with double-left-click on skin
- Click 'App Icons' Title in settings to manually edit app tooltip text + help with Win10 Apps/Settings
Version 1.2017.05.22
 - Corrected taskbar background fill not changing with display changes

Version 1.2017.05.14
 - Corrected flat style not auto-updating color when theme changed

Version 1.2017.05.13
 - !! IMPORTANT UPDATE !! ~ Corrected issue causing extremely large '' file after short use!! :O
 - New separated variables for large/small version to allow styling the taskbar
 - Added ability to manually stylize the taskbar with your own Shape meter options (1 style included)
 - Added 'Close' button to Settings skin

Version 1.2017.04.08
 - Corrected issue of Large Icon version not showing icons
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very nice. Thank you for the share
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No problem. Hopefully it has the features you wanted that were missing from MultiTaskbar.
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Hmm .. seems taskbarX is flickering (hiding and showing again?) while interacting with original taskbar, for example using the windows 10 expand (^) system try icons or by simply clicking the original empty taskbar or taskbat icons. Any clues? Can record if required. Using latest rainmeter 4. Thanks!
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This is a normal reaction. Windows always wants the Windows taskbar to be top most, especially when you are interacting with it. This will override any other program trying to cover the taskbar; the result is that TaskbarX will constantly try to stay above and Windows will try to keep it below.

This only happens for a short time when accessing Windows task, but cannot be prevented.
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Crap :( Did you try your luck with any third party software to overcome this issue?

Edit: Tried with Display Fusion and you are not even allowed to overlap the taskbar : ) Note that I only gave it a 5min test and removed it. I would really like to have my skin supporting this feature since most of the time my screens are working areas. No point in having desktop rainmeter skin if you don't even access it : |
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No skins are ever going to win control away from Windows...

You could place it just above your taskbar, and use it as an extension; not trying to cover Windows taskbar at all.
You could also modify TaskbarX to always show the full display of links.

I use Translucent Taskbar; it shows a blurred bar when Windows has control, and then TaskbarX re-appears above the blurred bar.

Sorry there is not a different answer, Rainmeter is not a shell replacement, which is what you seem to want.
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I'm very bad at writing code prose but you seem to be so check this out:…

If it is of any use and you ever manage something out I'd be glad to try out
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Cool, I will give it some thought and if I come up with something I will let you know!
And If I'm not mistaking you wanted the same result, why else make such skin otherwise : )
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This seems like it's inspired by the classic Portable Apps menu. Looks pretty cool!
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A true compliment... Thank You!
Glad you like you.
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Very nice skin! Great job.
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Thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to auto-hide with Windows Taskbar! Waaaah! 
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I think you can do that with #WORKAREAWIDTH# and #WORKAREAHEIGHT# in-built variables. You just retrieve the values and if they change you perform necessary actions.
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
Yikes! So simple!!! I will look into that feature as a possible update. Thanks!
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No problem. Good luck!
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Very nice work :clap:.
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Thanks should go to 1690Cat for their inspiration, but thank you!
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me love you forever ! ;)   just what i was looking for  
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Glad you love it! Thanks!
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