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Use any image as an audio visualizer

Set path to your pictures
Set maximum width of visualizer
 - Smaller images are not modified
 - Larger images are resized
Set number of splices [2~160]
Set gap size [0~1/2 splice]
Set border width and color
Set background color

Toggle background image [hidden/shown]
Dim/brighten background image
Toggle border [hidden/shown]
Flip splices vertically
Resize gap
Adjust sound sensitivity
Select style: Height driven bars or intensity driven bands
Optional: Timer change to a new spliced picture 
Optional: New spliced picture on Track changes

ImageSize plugin by JSMorley
FileChoose by Setsukka

Rainmeter V4.3 minimum

If you have issues changing the image,

Note: This skin can be very resource intensive, so it includes a "visualizermonitor.ini" skin that you can load. It will run in the background and load/unload "Splice" when your media player executable is not running. You need to edit the skin to set your player variable (save & refresh). It can also be set to work with other visualizers.

 - Replaced RainFile addon with FileChoose
 - Added Emma Watson image as default image; you need to set the "Picture Path" in "Configure" skin to use other images
 - Removed "Height" setting from "Configure" skin; aspect ratio of picture will determine height.
 - You only need to set the visualizer "Width" to limit larger images as visualizers.

- Added Refresh option to context menu to toggle between only refreshing Splice, or Refresh All Skins. Splice can appear above other skins when the visualizer width covers most or all of the desktop. Refresh All Skins should place it below all other "Normal" positioned skins. You can also set it "On Desktop" from the skin menu.
- Added a bang to show the background image (if hidden) when there is no sound

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i cant seem to use full screen, i opened "configure, then changed visualizer width to 1920 but nothing happened after apply now.

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Your image must be 1920 wide or larger. The skin can reduce larger images to that value, but images less than 1920 will not be changed.

Excuse me,Can desktop icons be displayed in front

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Sorry, no. Windows OS controls the desktop icons and nothing can be placed 'behind' them.

I hide my desktop icons and use a windows toolbar on my taskbar that points to my desktop folder to access.

Why doesn't the picture change when playing the next song?

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If you select 'Track Change' from the skin context menu, you have to be using a 100% compatible NowPlaying media player.

What program is playing your music?

Cant full screen.. what setting should i change?

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Make sure your image is at least as large as your screen resolution!

Then open 'Splice/Config/Config.ini' skin and set 'Visualizer Width' to your screen resolution width or wider; if your screen resolution is 1920x1080, set the value larger than 1920. Click 'Apply Now'.


I hope the full screen would change including the taskbar because I'm using the translucent taskbar. Is it possible to change it that way? I have 1920x1080 resolution but when I changed the width, the height only changes until the top of taskbar part. I changed the taskbar color so you could see what I mean in the screenshot. Hopefully there's a way to change this to fullscreen including the taskbar part. Thanks

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Windows is in control of the taskbar and will show it above any desktop item (Rainmeter skins included). You could try my 'screensaver' version, but I do not think there is a way to prevent the taskbar from showing.

How to download on a phone

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Only works in Windows (An Android version is not possible)...

picture wont change, I've done everything. Even the default pic is not showing, the background was a photo from bing? then the visualizer itself is also a different photo. The resolution of the whole background is also so small, any tips? I also cant change it...

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  1. Download and install imagemagick(

  2. Download and install Splice package from here

You should see the "Emma Watson image when music is playing. To use your images, double-click the image to open the settings. Click on 'Image Path' text to open a navigation window. Navigate to your Pictures folder and press 'Ok'.

The size of the visualizer is based on your image size and the 'Width' setting. The skin does not enlarge images, so I suggest using images as large or larger than your screen resolution.

I can’t download the splice package from here,do you have another way to download

any tips on how I can literally fill the whole screen?? I was actually using another skin called translucent taskbar, which will literally make your taskbar transparent. Tried to download higher res pics, and fiddle a little bit with the width option, still no luck, ant tips? also I cant see may folders on my desktop, am I doing something wrong?

Hmm weird. I have tried everything you have said in previous comments and reinstalled this and rainmeter multiple times, and still cannot change the photo or size. The photo as well is preset to a bing picture of mountains??? I have changed paths, changed settings, but nothing is working. This skin is bloody amazing by the way, I just wish it would work on my computer. Thank you.

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Are there any error messages in the Rainmeter Log?

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Simple solution for those in peril:

Install imagemagick for the MagickMeter plugin to work

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Hey sorry to hijack the thread but i may as well continue with information. I get this in the logs


NOTE (12:39:03.160) Splice\Splice.ini: Refreshing skin

ERRO (12:39:03.193) Splice\Splice.ini - [mQuote]: Plugin: Unable to load "MagickMeter" (error 126)

ERRO (12:39:03.230) Splice\Splice.ini - [mTitle]: Plugin: Unable to load "Spotify" (error 126)

ERRO (12:39:03.231) Splice\Splice.ini - [mArtist]: Plugin: Unable to load "Spotify" (error 126)


I have tried the default settings and changing the path to files but nothing changes unless i replace 0.png and VisImage.png manually

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"error 126" usually means the plugin is not installed correctly or is corrupt. I do not use Spotify and have no intention of testing if it will work.

Download and install Splice again should get things working.

Installing imagemagick is not a bad idea either.

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