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Sound Square

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Audio Visualizer Variations on a Square

Requires Rainmeter V or higher ... Get it here:

More info on the RM Forum page: Sound Square

Change Log:
    Added Chameleon plugin for optional automatic coloration based on current desktop wallpaper
    Chameleon colors can be incorporated into any of the current color schemes
    Modified variable names in schemes to accommodate Chameleon
    Added optional gradient color rotation
    Added new/modified color schemes (28 schemes included)
    Removed links to color pick assistant (working on creating a color picker... some day)

    Added option for Gradient Colored Squares causes Dimensional or Psychedelic Colors!
    Add 'All Colors Sorted Light To Dark' file in '@ Resources' to assist in creating color schemes

    Corrected missing file count measure on several skins
    Corrected ColorScheme7 (removed extra comma causing mid-square not to appear)

    Added Color Schemes (17 included ~ Double-Left-click to change colors)
    Modified Square Shape Widths (Will properly scale as size is changed ~ Scroll to change size)

    Added cx lines/ch lines/frame to both shapes in eclipseXY2 variation

    Added 'DisableTestActive' variable; by default '1' the skin will NOT test for active player
    - This lets the skins respond to ALL sounds by default
    - Set your 'PlayerProcessExe' variable then set 'DisableTestActive' to '0' for best operation

    Added 'PlayerProcessExe' variable; when your player is not active the skin uses ~0 resources
    Added 'vSensitivity' variable that can be set in [Variables] section; you don't have to edit the code

    Corrected the scaling of the shapes... all relative positions will expand/contract properly
    Changes to the size will be remembered on Refresh/Reload (Scroll to resize)
    Added default size (Middle-click to reset to default size)
    Added optional SPIN controlled by RMS to most skins
    Improved the Compression and Expansion Effect of those skins
    Added an 18 skin version that combines ellipseX and ellipseY with opposite spins

    NOTE: Requires Rainmeter V4.1 beta r2876 due to nested variable use

    Corrected context menu actions not always saved
    Corrected wrong minimum version that prevented installation **

    Added option to reverse the display frequency to context menus
    Added ellipseXY variation; combines the X & Y variations into 1 visualizer

V 1.2017.09.28
    Initial DA release
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thanks cant wait to try this

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

Thanks, it has plenty of options and variations to keep your interesting!

I'm in love with so many options and designs! THIS is soooooo good. Thank you! 
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
THANKS! Glad you like it... it's one of my favorites too because of all of the possible variations!
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im just not able to load it on my desktop pls help
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
Install Rainmeter. Download the SoundSquare package from the download link to the upper right.
Double-click that file to install the skins in Rainmeter.
Load a version of the skin. Play some music.

If that doesn't work, I do not know how else to help...
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This is a dedicated Spotify vis. I so love it. So much fun to play with it! You are the master of the Lua!

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

Thanks! I just kept adding options until I couldn't think of any more~ :)

Glad to hear you enjoy it!

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then ill try it on my other computer thx anyways
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Version 1.2018.01.24 has changes to enhance color gradient use and options!

The included color schemes were modified to take advantage of the addition of the Chameleon plugin by socks-the-fox and re-arranged in the list by similar patterns.

Desktop wallpaper colors can be incorporated into any of the current schemes.
You can modified and save as a new scheme by naming it the next number in the sequence.

NOTE: The numbered schemes MUST be named with sequential numbers!
If you don't do that, you will see an ugly blue coloration for the missing scheme number. :)
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Recently discovered Rainmeter and have been looking for a visualizer and my goodness yours is perfect.
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
Thanks! Nice work of customizing, it matches the lions very well!
JediWarrior-II's avatar
hello Eclectic-Tech
                   Just seen a link to your visualizer on the RM Forum and had a look. Only one word I'm afraid can come anywhere near doing it justice...AWESOME...Thank You.:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) =P (Razz) 
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
Thanks! :bow:

It started with simple expanded squares, then, as usual, I couldn't resist tweaking it!  :lol:
Draciel16's avatar
nice work man really......
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
Had a really good time coding too!

DiosJules's avatar
sorry, but doesn't works
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
What you mean is "It doesn't work for you." ... 2,600 other people have downloaded and are using.
It works fine if you have the latest Rainmeter installed and do not have a program running on your PC that takes exclusive control of your audio.

If you can describe what happens, I may be able to suggest solutions. First try these help tips
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Awesome as always!
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
Thank you very much!
Reshy01's avatar
Instead of the Squares disappearing after there is no sound, is there a way to keep the squares still visible?
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
You can have the frames and cross lines always visible by adding a semi-colon ( ; ) to all 4 Hidden=... lines in the meters of each skin.
But the actual shapes intensity (visibility) are driven by the audio level, so when there is no sound, the shapes are invisible.
jokilokidawson's avatar
These are absolutely fantastic! Awesome job.
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