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Original Simplesentence Created by WhiteBaron
Version four recreated by Eclectic Tech

Dark Text Preview Image:

Version 4.2020.08.17

  • Corrected weather
  • Added Speech to all sentence skins
  • Speak via middle mouse button
  • Left mouse click will silence current speech
  • Select voice in editor 'Microsoft Zira Desktop' by default
  • 'Microsoft David Desktop' available
  • Set voice via Edit bubble
  • Additonal voices can be added to Windows (see link to Speech plugin info below)
  • Option to have skins automatically speak at intervals (1~59 minutes)
  • Added RGB4 for better control of colors
  • Colors set for one skin will set for all skins
  • Double-click the text to open RGB4 and select colors
  • Double-click Time/Progress bar in Music to set icons color
  • Add Background on MouseOver for better readability
  • Background shade color will change based on text color(v .1)
  • Added cursor tracking highlight (MouseXY plugin)
  • Added optional background skins for readability under all Simplesentencefour skins
  • 4 Linear and 2 Radial styles
  • Added "Toggle All" skin that will display a Red/Green Rainmeter icon
  • Fixed LifeHacker URL Reader
  • Added Rainmeter Forum reader skin
  • Removed all Simple skins from this package since no modifications were done
  • Those can be added by downloading Simplesentencethree
  • Link to Simplesentencethree:…
Thanks to:
-whitebaron (Original skins)
~fediaFedia (RMConfig)
~Viperx116 (Foobar2k)
~j3concepts (Icons)
~Jeffrey Morley (RainRGB4)
~Jeffrey Morley (Speech)
~Carl Krull (Fonts)
~Fawxy (MouseXY plugin)

Speech Plugin Information

V 4.2020.08.17
- Corrected weather
- Removed unused variables from individual skin configurations
- You can set your city display name in '@ Resources\'
- You need to set TEMPUNIT variable to 'Fahrenheit' or 'Celsius' in '@ Resources\'

V 1.2019.08.25
 - Modified voice settings to default to default system female voice
 - Added "VoiceIndex" to setting bubble; set above "1" to choose next installed voice (Male/Female)
 - Modified avatar and noart images

V 1.2019.08.24
 - Corrected writing background shading color value to included file (Previously, would only change once!)
 - Modified formula to determine luminance value

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Thank you, you really did a great job. What an artist you are!

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Any plans on updating for the new weather api?

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As time permits, I will look into that... in a week or so I may be able to post an update.

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Still waiting for the update! This skin is literally the best and i still cant find an alternative. I love your work and how dedicated you're to it

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Almost done... just need to test some of the settings and that should only take a day or two.

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Great & complete work :-).
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You're very welcome ;-).
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