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Sigma Blur

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Suite of Rainmeter Desktop Skins

Adjustable Blurred Background and Transparency for EVERY Meter
Scalable for any Resolution
Double-Left-Click any skin to open Settings

Sigma Top Bar:
֎ Media Player, Progress, Duration
֎ Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo Search
֎ Dock Icons: Start Menu, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music, Videos, Internet, & Apps Launch Icons
֎ Weather Condition & Temp (Imperial, Metric, & Hybrid)
֎ Date (Multiple formats)
֎ Time (Multiple formats)
Separate Skins:
֎ Left Sidebar: Weather, Skin Launchers, and Settings
֎ Right Sidebar: Date, Time. Personal Folders Launcher, HWiNFO, and Media Player
֎ Analogue Clock (3 sizes)
֎ Digital Clock (Multiple formats and sizes) 
֎ Media Player (Full & Mini versions)
֎ CPU Status
֎ Net Status
֎ Notes (Wide & Narrow versions)
֎ Feed Readers: Multiple Feeds (9 Feeds included)
֎ Marquee Styles Feeds (Any Single Feed)
֎ Separate Personal Folders Launcher Docks (Horizontal & Vertical)
֎ Quotes: Motivational & Pithy (Quotes stolen from JSMorley)

Note: It takes a few seconds to update all skins, so change settings slowly!
Allow Weather to finish updating before making additional changes.

Rainmeter or higher (
Win 7 or higher
ImageMagick installed (See GitHub - khanhas/MagickMeter: ImageMagick + Rainmeter BAMM! MagickMeter) for info

V 1.2023.11.11 Updated plugins || Top Toggle now matches SigmaBar skin vertical position on the right || Add Music Plugin indicator || Corrected Logo's width
V 1.2023.05.15 Corrected Disabling Chameleon colors persistent when resyncing to new wallpaper
V 1.2023.02.26 Added Font Size Tweaking to all text || Corrected Logo size and placement || Ability to hide HWiNFO in sidebar
V 1.2023.02.10 Corrected digital clock error msgs || Corrected sidebar title placement || Taskbar Top/Bottom Layouts
V 1.2023.02.06 Redesign Sigma Bar || Sidebar weather auto-toggle forecast || Font Scaler
V 1.2023.02.01.1 SigmaBar & Sidebar Fade In/Out || Option to Pin Bars || Updated Sidebars Content || Added Icon font || Added Start Menu
V 1.2023.01.31.2 Removed error messages in log || Corrected Media Switch in Sidebar || Added CPU/Net/Logo Launchers
V 1.2023.01.31.1 Modified Resync Code || Logo Resync Display Added || SigmaBlur Layout Updated
V 1.2023.01.31 Added HWiNFO Registry View (click 'CPU' Label) || Improved Re-Sync || Unified Skin Variants
V 1.2023.01.30 Minor correction to sidebar code
V 1.2023.01.29 Initial Release
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The MagickMeter plugin does not work with the latest ImageMagick update. Any installation of ImageMagick-7.1.X and above makes MagickMeter unusable.

Version 7.1.0 on my system works.

Take a look at Access as an alternative to this.