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Updated: Mar 27, 2015

*, minimal-edit, scale-able measure/plug-in display skins. 

(*) Any measure/plug-in that you can set MinValue/MaxValue will work using a pre-written skin file.

Three preset styles of meters with multiple options.

Round Grid meters with selectable options for:
:bulletblue: Set Scale
:bulletblue: Toggle Text
:bulletblue: Toggle Clear grids
:bulletblue: Toggle Shaded grids
:bulletblue: Toggle Grid Background
:bulletblue: Toggle Outer ring
:bulletblue: Toggle XY Axis
:bulletblue: Toggle Histogram
:bulletblue: Toggle Line
:bulletblue: Flip Historam/Line
:bulletblue: Toggle Solid circle
:bulletblue: Toggle Ring
:bulletblue: Toggle Concentric rings
:bulletblue: Toggle Radar sweep with 6 points
:bulletblue: Toggle Sweep arm
:bulletblue: Clear All Graphs (To start a new display type)

:bulletblue: You can select any combination from the list above
:bulletblue: Gradient scale colors are manually editable

Ruler meters (4 orientations: top, bottom, left, right) with selectable options for:
:bulletblue: Set Scale
:bulletblue: Toggle Text
:bulletblue: Toggle Guide

Gradient scale colors are manually editable

Expanding Graph meters (4 orientations: top, bottom, left, right) with option for:
:bulletblue: Set Scale

:bulletblue: Note: Gradient colors are preset with 2 options (green-to-red OR red-to-green) for the graphs, but the images can be edited

Some Notes on Use

Meters are set to display percentage by default, but can be easily edited to show the measure value instead.
* Update(03.21): You can set a 'DisplayMValue' variable to 'Y' and the displayed info will change to the measured value instead of percent.

Adding new meter skins is a as simple as copying the included 'new{metertype}' folder, paste folder, rename folder (don't rename the skin.ini), and then edit the few measurement variables in that skin. Save & refresh Rainmeter to use the new meter. 

Yes, you do have to edit the file, but only the measure/plug-in name, options, and Max/Min values, and any special text you may want; everything else is already done! There is a 'scratch area' in the skin to use JSMorley's 'RainSend' to get the options into the skin, then edit the values.

The measure's color gradient are generated using 'blendcolor.lua' script created by Hakshak
The gradient can be easily customized to any colors or alpha values at any percentage range desired by editing the [mColor] measure in the skin.

All skins are scale-able; scroll the mouse over the skin to scale
Double left-click to reset to 1x. 
Middle-click the skin to open it in your text editor.
Right-click to see Context menus with related options.
All skins are commented to help you modify and use.

Example skins are included (~60).

Modified SetColorSpectrum skin (original by Kaelri) included to set the color for graphic elements for all skins.

I included a few extra graphics (some animated) to eat up more of your CPU cycles! ;)

Still thinking about improvements to simplify adding new meters...
Comments welcomed...

Update History
:bulletgreen: Added Color Pickers (2) for Fonts and Grid Backgrounds
:bulletyellow: Re-arranged Settings Panels for better display 

:bulletgreen: Added Optional Grids Background (better display on 'busy' walls)
:bulletgreen: Added Color Picker (based on Edge/ColorPicker by KreDoc
:bulletyellow: Corrected Text FontFace Settings on Rulers

:bulletgreen: New Grid & Grid-Shaded Scale Overlay Images
:bulletyellow: Increased Histogram/Line Graph Size by 80%
:bulletgreen: Added Flip Control for Histogram/Line to Context Menu
:bulletgreen: Added Alpha Control for All Skins to Common Settings
:bulletgreen: Added TextY Position for All Skins to Common Settings
:bulletyellow: Modified SetColorSpectrum to Match Common Settings Style
:bulletgreen: Added 'DisplayMName' & 'DisplayName' Variables to Grid Skin to Allow Optional Text Display
- Needed for Plug-In Measures; the Measure Name is Always "PlugIn"
:bulletgreen: Added Additional Measures to Sample HDD & WiFi skins to demonstrate Optional Text Displays
:bulletgreen: Added XYZ Scale Image to Graphics
:bulletyellow: Corrected Second Hand Length on Clock

:bulletgreen: Added 'MeasurementMin' variable to allow setting a MinValue for measures
:bulletgreen: Added 'DisplayMValue' variable to allow automatic display text changes when viewing percentage or  actual measured value
:bulletgreen: Added a Common Setting skin for setting Font, Text Color, Alpha (not fully incorporated yet), Drive letters, and text position variables.
:bulletgreen: Added option to Clear All Scales - Now you can start with a blank graph and add the combinations you want.
:bulletyellow: Color Setting is now done by opening the SetColorSpectrum skin from the Rainmeter context menu; removed from the Grid context menu

Original Release: Version

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Wow. That's really awesome. Somewhat hacker setup huh? :D
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Hack Away!! =P (Razz) 

A "Work-in-Progress"...  OMG MOAR POEMS! 

Updated version now has a 'common' variable setting skin and a few other improvements!
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very cool like my friend :)
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Glad you like it! B-) (Cool) 
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D 

This is Awesome! :squee:
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