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Version 2.2019.09.11

Audio Visualizer Rainmeter skins that uses the center of your desktop, or any image, as a Picture-Visualizer

Three Versions Included:


Uses current wallpaper picture and creates a visualizer from the center half
Personalization must be "Picture" and the style will be changed to "Center"
If you are using "SolidColor" or "Slideshow" the skin will display a message that "No Usable Image Found" and open the personalization (in Win10) where you need to change to "Picture".


Uses random pictures from user specified folder (and sub-folders) and creates a visualizer from the entire image. For best results, resize your images to determine the visualizer size; the skin does not change the image size.


Uses 'bar' images you create. The image will be the full work area width and a user specified height (up to the height of the 'bar' image). For best results, resize your images to determine the visualizer width and height; the skin does not change the image size. See samples in the "@ Resources\Bars" folder.

* Double-Left-click to open the "Configure" skin.
* Middle-click to refresh the skin.
* Right-click for "Context Menu" access skin settings and options
* Option to Display Bars, Bars Inverted, or Full-Size Intensity Driven Bands
* 2~160 Bars/Bands
* Timed Auto-Change Option for Full Image and Bar Modes
* Track Change Option for Full Image and Bar Modes

Several resized wallpaper images and bar images are included with skin

More Info on my Rainmeter Forum post
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muchas gracias por el trabajo tan excelente

I want to this to whole desktop. Except the half of screen. Please help

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Try creating an image for use in the "Bar" version OR try my S | P | L | I | C | E visualizer.

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Is there a way to make the whole thing smaller?

At the moment it takes up quite a lot of screen space, which I would like to reduce as much as possible. I already went thought the files but couldn't really find anything.

Screenshot (1)
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The simplest solution is for you to resize all the images you want to use in the visualizer to your desired size, save them in a separate folder, set the "Picture Path" value (in "Config") to that folder, then use the "Random_Full_Image.ini" skin to display them. They will all display at the resolution you used when you resized them.

I am looking into a utility that may work to automatically resize, but will not have that available any time soon...
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So I'm still struggling a bit with the position of the skin. When using Current_Wall_Centered it is nice and centered. But when using Random_Full_Image it always resets to the top left, no matter what I do. What would I have to add to Random_Full_Image to also automatically center it? Your help would really be appreciated since I can't seem to figure it out.

EDIT: Wait I think I figured it out. It gets changed via "OnRefreshAction" in the ini. Took me way to long to figure that out. :D

You have to remove the [!Move "0" "0"] at the end and then you can change the position to





in the Rainmeter.ini

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Yes, I wanted to make sure the image was not "off-screen" when refreshed. Glad you found that solution.

I created a new skin Named "Splice" which you may find works better for your situation.
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That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot.

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Ugh... I get it... It's very cool and a great idea, but it's just not really my style. Great job though! :)
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Thanks! I agree, it's not for everybody...
How can I select another part of the wallpaper?

Thanks in advance
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You can't. An updated version (not released yet) has the abilitiy for full-screen images, but neither let you pick the area.
This has more to do with not letting Windows control the wallpaper perspective which would break the positioning of the visualizer on the wallpaper.
I am looking at this option, but it will use an external conversion program that currently has a bug in certain resolutions; when that is corrected I will be finding time to perhaps make your request a reality.

thanks for your reply, maybe it is possible to select an area from a duplicate of the wallpaper instead of picking a piece of the wallpaper itself,

Leon B.
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I created a new skin Named "Splice" which you may find works better for your situation.
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This is a cetainly one of the more interesting Visualizers. Though I would love it if you could increase the size to cover even more of the screen. Also is it possible to make it so that the greyscale stays even when no audio is playing ?
Anyway, take all the virtual cookies, you deserve them.
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To have the background grey scale always, edit the file in a text editor and change a line in the section [MeterBackgroundImage] from GreyScale=#GreyImage# to GreyScale=1

The "Bar-Full.ini" variant will display a visualizer that is the same size as the original image. So the only option is to create a folder with your images that you have resized to your desire visualizer size, and set that folder location as the "PicturePath" variable; e.g. put all the images in a folder under "Pictures" named "MyVisualizerBacks" and then set "PicturePath=C:\Users\{yourusername}\Pictures\MyVisualizerBacks" in the file or by using the "Configure" skin.

This is the only way to control the size of the picture used by the visualizer.... back to eating more of those cookies! :)
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Ohh thank you, this is exactly what I needed ! 
Much appreciated. (~^c^)~
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Well thought!
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