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The original author has apparently no interest in this, so I will offer my version here.

V 2.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing for weather data
You need to set your latitude and longitude, right-click skin, select 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit Weather Variables'
Added Fahrenheit/Celsius selection to context menu

V 2.2020.06.27
Updated to use V3 JSON weather data
Corrected day/night conditions

V 2.2020.01.22
Modified all variants to use TWC HTML Code
Corrected Day/Night Icon display
NOTE: 'WeatherLocation' variable is changed to 'LocationCode' and is set in '@ Resources\' accessible from the context menu

V 2.2020.01.09 Corrected missing night icon in several variants (Thanks darkannihilator427)

V 1.2019.02.07
Corrected 'Day' Name display and current day hi temp {Thanks hezebolid!)

V 2.2019.01.11
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It seems like after updating, it doesn't follow my timezone anymore. Any ideas? Thank you.

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WehbloNew Deviant

Is there any way to change the font?

I'm going for a theme and I can't find anything.

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The variable file is '@Resources\variables.ini'. Set Font=Roboto to Font={yourfontfamilayname}. Save the file. You may need to copy the font file(s) to 'MiniWeather\@Resources\Font' folder.

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Huzzi1New Deviant

how can I show weather in Celsius ?

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Right-click the weather skin. Select 'Custom skin actions', 'Celsius'

ANN0Y1NGHACKERStudent Digital Artist

whenever I download it downloads a .html file

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You have to be logged into your DeviantArt account otherwise, your browser will save this page (.html) and not the file(.rmskin).

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Is there a way to change the font? I'm using "the old design"

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Thanks as always!

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dexancrazy24114New Deviant

Nice work! A bit difficult to change the coordinates but everything is ok now 💙💙

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Yeah, not as easy as it used to be, but hopefully easier to correct if TWC changes again.

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Awesome update! I was just gonna come over here after installing an older version, so glad you fixed it!

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Glad you remembered.

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Thanks for the fast fix!

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Eclectic-"Speedy"-Tech ... LOL!

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Thanks a lot, Eclectic-Tech--Appreciate it!

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You are welcome!

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Thanks for the fix!!

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Happy to keep it working!

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Cha c tn

Help me!!! (T_T) How can I fix it?

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All weather skins stopped working July 29, 2020 (again!)

Posts regarding skins not working will be deleted.

Please be patient while a solution is found.

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Hey the weather icons and text alignment is messed up. Day time icons and text alignment is so messed up this happens. Some are fine but some are messed up like this.

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Not seeing any misalignment...

What is your LocationCode? Which skin variant(s) look 'off' to you?

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