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The original author has apparently no interest in this, so I will offer my version here.

V 2.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing for weather data
You need to set your latitude and longitude, right-click skin, select 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit Weather Variables'
Added Fahrenheit/Celsius selection to context menu

V 2.2020.06.27
Updated to use V3 JSON weather data
Corrected day/night conditions

V 2.2020.01.22
Modified all variants to use TWC HTML Code
Corrected Day/Night Icon display
NOTE: 'WeatherLocation' variable is changed to 'LocationCode' and is set in '@ Resources\' accessible from the context menu

V 2.2020.01.09 Corrected missing night icon in several variants (Thanks darkannihilator427)

V 1.2019.02.07
Corrected 'Day' Name display and current day hi temp {Thanks hezebolid!)

V 2.2019.01.11
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The "Just the forcasts" readout for today appears to be broken. It is just Latitude and Longitude right?

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By mid-afternoon, TWC does not provide daytime info. I will take another look at this, later in the week, and see what may need to be changed. Thanks for the feedback.


I LOVE your skin!

Thanks for sharing. But I think something wrong with json parsing in "Just the Forecasts.ini" skin: day 1 icon be thunderstorm icon at night, and infinity error log print to rainmeter. Please check attachment image.


Thank you!

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Thanks. This may have something to do with TWC not providing day conditions after a certain time in the afternoon. I will try to duplicate later and see what can be done. The warnings are a new feature and don't effect the overall function.

Hey I wonder how I can change it from fahrenheit to celcius :D also absolutely stunning pack, LOVE IT.

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Right-click the skin, select 'Custom skin actions', then 'Celsius' or 'Fahrenheit'.

Is there any way to change the font in the skin? I've tried aplying the Quicksand font(I have it installed) without seeing any changes, any ideas?

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Works for me...

Right-click the skin, select 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit skin variables'. Change the Font=Roboto to Font=Quicksand. Save the file and refresh the skin.

You may want to copy all of the Quicksand files into 'Skins\MiniWeather\@Resources\Fonts' folder, to ensure thay are available for the skin.

Thanks for the quick reply! It worked :)

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MiniWeather Rainmeter Weather Skin

I share the best Rainmeter Skins on my website. Can I publish this skin at my deviantart profile and ?

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I appreciate your wanting to feature Rainmeter skins at one location, but I do not want to have this (or any of my creations) publish anywhere else, even with proper recognition.


What's Duba meaning?

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That's the location name... apparently that is the location The Weather Channel uses.


Can I change it into city name?

Actually, I live in Tainan, Taiwan.

And Duba is just a small area name which I didn't even know where it is.@@

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Yes. Open "Skins\MiniWeather\@ Resources\base.ini" in a text editor.

Edit this section by commenting out the "String=..." line and add a new "String=..." line with your location.






String=Tainan, Taiwan

If you want to go back to the default location just exchange the semicolon at the start of the lines.

For the life of me I can't get it to work. What happened to taking 1 weather code and pasting it into the widget? They've overcomplicated it. I've tried this for over an hour and cannot get it to work to the point where I've completely broke the widget. You used to be good rainmeter, but it now seems you're intentionally overcomplicating things for the sake of overcomplicating it.

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All you need to do is re-download the package and install it to get a working skin. You have to set your location only once to your Latitude and Longitude. Right-click the skin, select "Custom skin actions", and click "Edit Weather Variables. A text file will open in your editor; replace the values for "Latitude" and "Longitude" to match your location. Save the file and refresh the skin.

It is as simple as it can be due to changes at TWC.

how do i change the weather code?

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Right-click, select "Custom skin actions...", select "Edit weather variables". In the text file that opens in your editor, change the values for Latitude and Longitude to your location values. Save the file and refresh the skin.

The skin is good but the temperature isn't updating nor the icon? So lets say that it was 56 degrees last night and I put my pc to sleep. When I wake up the icon is still and moon and 56 degrees. Also it stays at the same temperature the whole day unless i refresh the skin

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