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Clean, Simple, Colorful, and Scale-Able ...illustra
An updated version of the default Rainmeter skins

:bulletgreen: Welcome with Skin Launchers
:bulletgreen: Clock 12/24 hour with Win10 Calendar Link
:bulletblue: System Info with Task Manager Link
:bulletgreen: Network Info with Win10 Wi-Fi Settings Link
:bulletblue: Recycle Bin with View or Empty Action
:bulletgreen: Disk(s) with Win10 This PC Link
:bulletgreen: Program/Folder Launcher with Program Files Link
:bulletgreen: Google Mail for Multiple Accounts
:bulletgreen: Google Search | Bing Search | DuckDuckGo Search
:bulletgreen: Weather with Locator & Link
... and much more!

Options for Colors using Chameleon plugin ...
With Chameleon colors, skins will change color automatically to match your desktop

Scale the skins for any resolution!


Added Chameleon plugin by Socks-The-Fox (socks-the-fox/Chameleon: Chameleon plugin for Rainmeter (
Removed SysColor plugin
Updated Options (Simplified settings)

V 1.2020.08.12
Updated weather skins after July 29 failure
Now use latitude/longitude for location
Minor code optimizing

V 1.2020.07.06
Updated weather skins to use V3 JSON data

V 1.2020.04.16
Expanded Launcher skin from 4 links to 8 links

Added Web-Now-Playing to Now-Playing skin
Added Google-Play-Music to Now-Playing skin
~ Scroll the Title bar to select the desired interface
~ Stop is not supported in these additional interfaces (dimmed-out)
Modified Bar colors to use Chameleon Foreground1 and Background1 desktop colors
~ Some wallpapers may cause bars to look inverse :: darker bar level with a lighter background bar
~ This ensures the bars will always have contrasting colors

V 1.2020.01.22
Modified all weather skins
Replaced 3 Day with 36 Hour Weather
Added multiple languages for weather

V 1.2019.03.23
Modified Semi-Transparent Background color

V 1.2019.01.25
Modified Weather skin context menu options
Corrected distortions in Weather Locator
Updated illustra mini layout to include Welcome

V 1.2018.11.12
All skins (20+) in this one package
Added manual entry option for Scale in the Option skin
Middle-click any skin to open Options

V 1.2018.11.11
Lots of code unifying
Separated Weather Locators for Weather/3Day
Corrected Locators to control correct weather skin
Added a copy of in @ Resources folder
Updates/Addons will reset Scale to 1 ... Checking on options?

V 1.2018.11.10
Corrected Clipping of all String Meters for all Scales

V 1.2018.11.05
Moved Readers to optional Add-On
Added World Time Add-On (5 Locations)

V ..11.01a & b
Added timeline when 5 items are selected in readers (b)
Added Readers for Rainmeter Forum | Google News | LifeHacker | ARS Technica
Unified code for all skins

V ..11.01

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beautiful work love the wallpaper