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Published: October 31, 2018
illustra is an updated version of the default Rainmeter skins

:bulletgreen: Welcome with Skin Launchers
:bulletgreen: Clock 12/24 hour with Win10 Calendar Link
:bulletblue: System Info with Task Manager Link
:bulletgreen: Network Info with Win10 Wi-Fi Settings Link
:bulletblue: Recycle Bin with View or Empty Action
:bulletgreen: Disk(s) with Win10 This PC Link
:bulletgreen: Program/Folder Launcher with Program Files Link
:bulletgreen: Google Mail for Multiple Accounts
:bulletgreen: Google Search | Bing Search | DuckDuckGo Search
:bulletgreen: Weather with Locator & Link
... plus much more!

Options for Colors using Win10 Accent and more...
With Win10 Accent color, skins will change color automatically to match your desktop

And you can Scale the skins for any resolution!

Clean, Simple, Colorful, and Scale-Able ... Enjoy!

Three Layouts for any Resolution Included:
illustra Mini
illustra Full

V 1.2019.03.23
Modified Semi-Transparent Background color

V 1.2019.01.25
Modified Weather skin context menu options
Corrected distortions in Weather Locator
Updated illustra mini layout to include Welcome

V 1.2018.11.12
All skins (20+) in this one package
Added manual entry option for Scale in the Option skin
Middle-click any skin to open Options

V 1.2018.11.11
Lots of code unifying
Separated Weather Locators for Weather/3Day
Corrected Locators to control correct weather skin
Added a copy of in @ Resources folder
Updates/Addons will reset Scale to 1 ... Checking on options?

V 1.2018.11.10
Corrected Clipping of all String Meters for all Scales

V 1.2018.11.05
Moved Readers to optional Add-On
Added World Time Add-On (5 Locations)

V ..11.01a & b
Added timeline when 5 items are selected in readers (b)
Added Readers for Rainmeter Forum | Google News | LifeHacker | ARS Technica
Unified code for all skins

V ..11.01

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"Maybe he would like to weigh in on how best visually to add the Hebrew date to his existing clock skin. Perhaps have it "toggle" between Gregorian and Hebrew date formats every 10 seconds or something."

Basically I need time, with seconds, Hebrew/Gregorian date, and Local Weather.
Maybe the windows telling me how stressed my system is.

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I saw your discussion on the Rainmeter Forum and will look into these changes for you.
I posted a variant clock skin code in the Rainmeter Forum thread.

Here is a link to that post:…
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Thank you very much!
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Beautiful wallpaper. Граверовка будто не внутрь а наружу.
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Yes, sgtevmckay produced some very nice letter effects on these wallpapers!
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I love wooden skins and I just found my new fave. Excellent work!
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Here's a link to more wallpapers like this from sgtevmckay:…
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Any chance for a Now Playing skin?  Thanks.
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Added as a separate Add On

Also added a WebNowPlaying skin :)
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ActiveColorsHobbyist Interface Designer
Very nice! I like it a lot. But leaves users with regular screens with 2px outline :D
Maybe combine two shapes (background and outline) so that the background covers half of the 2px outline on regular screens?
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The space around skins is intentional; it is actually 4 pixels on every side... 8 between adjacent skins.

Send me a PM if you are seeing something undesirable on the display...
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ActiveColorsHobbyist Interface Designer
No no, I am not talking about the space, I was saying about the black outline around the background.
Eclectic-Tech's avatar
I'm not seeing that. The background IS 1 shape; the black outline is the shape stroke with a semi-transparent fill color. There is nothing to combine!?
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Almost everything I wanted in an ilustro update!  Beautiful job!
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This came about due to several people wanting to use illustro on high resolution displays and concerns about scale-ability of Rainmeter skins...

Glad you like it!
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spiralosoHobbyist Interface Designer
This is pretty neat! Clap 
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It's a very nice work :clap:.
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Thank you sephirotess!
sephirotess's avatar
You're very welcome :hug:.
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