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  • Folder Display Launcher
  • Three Styles Included: Text, Small Icons + Text, Large Icons + Text
  • "Stationary" or "Roll Down / Roll Up" to Title Bar Windows
  • Auto-Raise Window on Mouse Over
  • Four Color Schemes Included (Can be Customized)
  • Full Path or Folder Name Title Bar
  • Folder Navigation Buttons: Arrows to page up/down | Scroll will single step
  • Optional Bottom Folder Detail Bar
  • Scalable (up to 3x +)
  • Windows Explorer Context Menu for Items
Double-click to navigate folders for display or middle-click Title Bar to manually enter your folder path.
Double-click Title Bar to open current folder in Explorer (Why not?)...
Double-click items to launch. Right-click items for full Windows context menu.

V 1.2020.10.16
Added options to context menu: "Toggle Extensions" and "Edit Variables"
Added a variable "SortBy"; use "Edit Variables" to set the value to sort the display by 'Name', 'Size', 'Type', or 'Date'

V 1.2020.05.11
Corrected manually setting file path action

V 1.2019.07.11
Initial release
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HarlowFynNew Deviant

Amazing skin, it's all I was looking for! Just one question, is there a way to change the font? Or the size of the font. Thanks!

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The best way to make the text more visible is to edit '' in each skin folder and change the line: Scaler=1 to a slightly larger number; 1.25, 1.5, etc. See the note for Scaler settings above the value of 3.

You can change the text by changing a different line in that file: TextSize=(12*#Scaler#) and change the '12' value to a larger integer; however, this may cause the text to be clipped if it is too large (I recommend to use the Scaler method above instead).

To change the font, you would need to edit the 3 menu type files:,, and then add a fontFace to those style sections.

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HarlowFynNew Deviant

Thank you very much! I'll give it a try <3

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sabiht98New Deviant

How do I change the size of the widget ? WHen having the large icon view, not many folders are visible at once

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You can not show more than 8 items at a time.

To show more you will need to re-write the entire skin code.

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xleroy02New Deviant

Great skin. How can you remove the file extension from showing (ie .ink)

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You can do this by adding HideExtensions=1 to the [mPath] section of the skin(s). This will hide ALL filename extensions, which is means you won't know if you are looking at a shortcut or actual file; not advisable for general users, but I may add this as an options in the next update.

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xleroy02New Deviant

Worked like a charm. Thanks for the quick response!

And again, great skin

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Thanks for the suggestion! The package now offers that option in the context menu (right-click) 'Custom skin actions'.

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TigerMazNew Deviant

Excelente!!! Muchas gracias.

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acno7ogiaNew Deviant

hi, how can I add those filenames especially ".lnk"?

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This skin 'navigates' your computer just like Windows 'explorer'. It displays the content of your 'folders'; you don't add files.

Files that you created using applications (docs, shortcuts, etc.) will show up in the skin.

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ZaneDragonBornNew Deviant

Can you add support for "Date modified", "Name", "Type", and "Size" Sort options and maybe an option for quick folders? Then it would be very good

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Thanks for the suggestion. Some of that can be achieved, but right now I do not have free time to look into adding those features. I may have time this fall.

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Very nice. Now I don't need Stardock Fences.

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Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

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Nice work, thx for sharing:wave:

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Glad you like it! Thanks!

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The folders are displaying temporary files with the prefix "~$..." and the folders are not auto-refreshing. My folder display is full of temp files that I don't want to see and in order to get the "real-time" contents, I have to manually refresh or click the "Left: Folder Top" button. Is there a way to omit the temporary files and for it to auto-refresh when changes are made or every minute or so?

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It is perfect as is already, but just for personal preference, is there a way to remove the file extension from the folder items?

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Im new to this, any idea on how to add folders in?

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?? ... The skin shows 8 items at a time, from any folder... you can navigate using your mouse to show any folder, or set the path by directly by middle-click on the Title bar.

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how i add the title of folder like music or games etc. and also how do i adjust corner radius

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Name your folder "Games" or "Music", then right-click and select "Custom skin actions", "Folder Title Bar".

Corner radius can be added to [Background] shape by adding a 5th value to Rectangle x, y, w, h, radius | ...

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