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Elementary V3 Weather Patch V2.2021.02.12

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A patch that installs a working weather skin for Elementary V3 by Flying Hyrax.

You must have the Elementary V3 package installed for this to work.

New patch with correct files; file date: 2021.02.12

You need to set your latitude/longitude; right-click and select 'Edit Weather Variables'
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The "update" didn't seem to actually update, the '' file that's included doesn't contain the Latitude= or Longitude= values available to edit and the URLsite= value still uses #LocationCode# So that probably explains why no one but creator can get it functioning.

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Yeah, thanks for catching that...

I updated the patch with verified files (not sure why the old files remained?!)

Let me know if you experience any issues with the Feb 2021 version.

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can't seem to get the weather working

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Check that you have entered the correct Latitude and Longitude values in '' file and refreshed.

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My values are correct. Is there a specific format I should be typing it in as? I'm just putting the coordinates directly after the LocationCode=

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"LocationCode=" is NOT used... The coordinates are set by changing the Latitude= and Longitude= values in the '' file; that is where you add the values for your location.

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sadly doesn't work( used 56.8119915,60.4772998 for Yekaterinburg

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Working fine for me... check your values in

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The skin is beautiful but the weather doesn't display :(

I consistently get an Invalid TimeStampFormat: %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S error

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What values did you set for Latitude and Longitude in "" file? What Language did you select?

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You are meant to edit after the LocationCode= bit and put latitude and longitude yes? because i cannot seem to get it to work still. is there some step im missing?

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No. LocationCode= is no longer used.

You need to right-click and select 'Edit Weather Variables', then change the Latitude and Longitude variables in the file that opens in your editor. Save the file and refresh the weather skin.

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I haven't been able to get one single weather widget out there working, no matter what I've tried. Lat/Long did not seem to do the trick for me. Thanks anyways.

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Really?! What values are you using and what is your "general" location; you don't need to be specific on your location.

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I'm consistently getting an error with Invalid Time Stamp, any suggestions on what may be blocking or causing this error? This thread indicates I need to add a "FinishAction" somewhere, but I'm not familiar enough with Rainmeter to know where to add this. Thoughts?

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There is no time data when the skin is first loaded or refreshed, so this error message will show 1 time on load and refreshes.

I will look at options to remove the message and post an updated package; it may take a few days.

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The skin has all of the weather measures disabled until the webparser finishes. So any errors you are seeing are related to inaccurate info from the site. I have seen this happen from time to time, but it does not affect the skin functions.

Nothing I can suggest to prevent this.

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This seems to have stopped working a few days back for me.

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Posted an update which should keep it working until TWC changes things AGAIN!

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Thank you so much!
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How do I change to Celsius? Changing language doesn't work.

Also, anyway to remove "Right Now" text? That wasn't in my previous version.

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Select Language English C° to view Celsius.

Changing the language with the right-click menu works fine, how did you try to do it?

"Right Now" is sent by TWC, you can change it in your version to anything by editing the [currentlyText] Text=...

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