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DINAJ (Do I Need A Jacket) 4

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This is a revised set of weather skins that use HTML as the source
in the style of DINAJ2 by flyingHyrax.

Click the Download Button to the upper right for the updated weather skins DINAJ4
Note: You must have a DA account (free) in order to download items.

V 4.2020.08.12
Corrected Fahrenheit temperature calculation caused by new UNITS value
Corrected shaded background scaling

V 4.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing
Set your latitude and longitude, use context menu (right-click the skin), 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit variables'
Imperial/Metric values select-able from the context menu
Modified display controls to minimize redraw position changes

V 4.2020.06.06
Updated JSON weather files to V3

V 4.2020.03.06
Corrected Fahrenheit/Celsius so thresholds are automatically changed
Added option to hide/show image
Corrected alignment to prevent image from covering longer text

V 4.2020.01.29
Added Fahrenheit/Celsius option to context menu
Edit to set your LocationCode, and language if not english

V 4.2020.01.20
Rewrote to use HTML code
Updated entire skin for better performance
Set your 'LocationCode' in the [Variables] and refresh

V 3.1 B
Modified alignment to properly resize icon and text
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aldsfjldsafjNew Deviant

Where do I set the latitude/longitude? it seems like that how to set it now rather than location code? I couldn't find a weather code spot in the .ini at all

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Right-click the skin, select "Custom skin actions", "Edit variables"... this will open "..Rainmeter\Skins\DINAJ4\@Resources\WeatherIncludes\" in your editor. Change the lat/lon, save that file and refresh the skin.

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Posted a new package to correct the Fahrenheit temp calculation and phrase selection.

Download V4.2020.08.12 above.

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Seems like something is a little off. The skin seems to shrink on every refresh and the jacket text seems to be stuck on one phrase that doesn't match the temperature. Still glad to see you working on these, though. Best of luck!

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Hm... I'll look into that, didn't notice that while testing.

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I am seeing it as well. My current temp is 78F and DINAJ is saying "your hair is on FIRE". Digging into the LUA file, I think the problem is with the temperature units. A little bit of testing shows that the units for Fahrenheit are labeled as "e" (as my variables are set to Imperial), and it is causing the math function tempPer to always result in a value of "1". I fixed it on my end by forcing the units to "f" and by adding an additional set of parenthesis around the "max - min" statement in the percentOfRange function. Attached is the screenshot from the lines I am referring to. Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I see that now. and will post an updated package as soon as possible.

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Hi, i'm new to raimenter and i cant find de LocationCode in the skin, can you help me?

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Download the updated package to correct the changes at The Weather Channel site that broke skins in June 2020.

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yeah the link it uses to source its data ( ) says: " This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020 "

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As scottk said, the skin appears to be broken. I've tried the method linked below and it does not work. For me at least. Not sure what to do about it.

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Appears to be broken as of this posting - getting "looking for internet..." message instead of actual parsed data. Looks like changed their formatting yet again.

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Could you possibly point me in the right direction for using these ( icons with this skin if it's possible and not too difficult? Thanks in advance! (for both the skin and the icons haha)

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Not possible with this skin since it only captures the temperatures (not conditions).

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Inkling-TokubetsuStudent Digital Artist

Hey I'm a noob when it comes to rainmeter, is there a way to resize it? I'm looking to make it smaller overall.. Thanks in advance. xx

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Scroll with mouse wheel to resize; you may need to hide the shaded background on smaller sizes.

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The align right isn't working for me any fix?

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Align jacket left/right works fine for me. Re-install the package.

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Aligning the text not the jacket

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Doesn't work for me either, because there is no text alignment control in the skin.

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May I ask how to change Fahrenheit to Celsius? Thanks in advance!

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Right-click and select...

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Found it! Thanks anyways

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