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DINAJ (Do I Need A Jacket) 4

This is a revised set of weather skins that use HTML as the source
in the style of DINAJ2 by flyingHyrax.

Click the Download Button to the upper right for the updated weather skins DINAJ4
Note: You must have a DA account (free) in order to download items.

V 4.2020.08.12
Corrected Fahrenheit temperature calculation caused by new UNITS value
Corrected shaded background scaling

V 4.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing
Set your latitude and longitude, use context menu (right-click the skin), 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit variables'
Imperial/Metric values select-able from the context menu
Modified display controls to minimize redraw position changes

V 4.2020.06.06
Updated JSON weather files to V3

V 4.2020.03.06
Corrected Fahrenheit/Celsius so thresholds are automatically changed
Added option to hide/show image
Corrected alignment to prevent image from covering longer text

V 4.2020.01.29
Added Fahrenheit/Celsius option to context menu
Edit to set your LocationCode, and language if not english

V 4.2020.01.20
Rewrote to use HTML code
Updated entire skin for better performance
Set your 'LocationCode' in the [Variables] and refresh

V 3.1 B
Modified alignment to properly resize icon and text
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I did a Spanish translation, enjoy.

DINAJ 4 en Espaol (Necesito una campera) 4.2020.
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Gracias por compartir. (Translated: Thanks for sharing.) I hope google got it right!?

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What did you say about my mother?

jk, no thanks to you for making the skin usable again.

jacket/coat icons not working for me. just not showing up at all, pls fix

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There is an option to show/hide in the skin context menu; right-click the skin and look at custom skin actions.

How can I change the language? Specifically into german?

I searched trough the .inc files but didn't find anything

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The phrases used are in "dinaj.lua" file. There are several defined as keywords at the top of that file, and in sections below those in actual sentences. I would make a copy of "dinaj.lua" so you can restore it if you break the skin while editing.

Thank you very much for your help :)

I just searched the ressource folder instead of the whole DINAJ4 folder.

I'm a bit new to rainmeter, how do I change the location? does it just detect my location?

(note: i am very stupid)

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You must set your Latitude and Longitude values in "\Skins\MiniWeather\@Resources\Includes\". Save the file and refresh the skin.

Thank you! it works properly now

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any way i could make the space between the "you need a jacket" and "its quite temperate outside" bigger than it is ?! ive been trying to change the values on the ini but havent found any way to do it .. awesome work with the new coordinates thing ! Thank u very much !!

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Change the 'Y' value in [subString] section of the code from 'Y=2R' to a larger number; 'Y=6R' until you get the spacing you want.

How do i change the text color?

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Change the FontColor values in these 2 sections of DINAJ4.ini:











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is the coding for the jacket icons in the .lua file? I cant seem to find it, im trying to get it so there is a picture for every temperature threshold

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The image is set using substitution in this section of the DINAJ4.ini file:



Formula=#jacket_temp# < mTemp ? 3 : (#coat_temp# < mTemp ? 1 : 2)

Substitute="3":"jackethot","1":"jacketmild","2":"jacketcold", "0":"jacketna"


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what would the syntax be to add another variable before #jacket_temp#, so there becomes a "4":"jackethotter" at a temperature higher than jacket_temp? When I change it the code seems to only recognize the last condition that is satisfied, not the first. I believe it is because the language is wrong on my end.


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The original skin used a nested conditional test and then substitution. Adding to that is possible, but I would recommend you look at the added IfCondition method which should allow you to add as many conditional test as desired (this didn't exist when the skin was created). This would also let you set the image meter's ImageName directly using a !SetOption bang, instead of substituting a name for a number and using MeasureName.

why does it just keep on saying retrieving weather? Its showing me the temps when I have my mouse on it but it just keeps saying retrieving weather.

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I see you found the answer...

NEVERMIND, fixed it I had a minus at the Longitude, please excuse me for this mistake.

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That's an easy mistake to make... you are excused! :)

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