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Rainmeter Skin based on 'console28' brush (heavily modified!) from

CPU Usage / CPU Line Graph / CPU Bar Graph

Network In Transfer Rate / Network Out Transfer Rate  / Network In & Out Line Graphs / Network In & Out Bar Graphs
Cumulative Net In / Cumulative Net Out

Ram Used / Swap Used

4 HDD Access / HDD Free Space / HDD Transfer Rate

IP Address / GateWay Address / External IP Address

Weather Temperature & Icon

G-Mail Count & Link

Up Time (Lapsed Time) / Clock (Meridian Time)

Audio Output Device Select / Volume Indicator / Volume Up & Down / Mute
Track Title / Track Progress / Track Position / Track Duration
Previous / Next / Repeat / Shuffle
Cover (if available... tinted and small)

Music Stereo Bar Visualizer / Music Beat Indicator

Fading Rotation Graphic / Counter Bar Graphic / Blinking Indicator Bar

Optional Dark & Light backgrounds to improve visibility on busy wallpapers

Left-click 'Settings' to open the settings panel; middle-click to open file to edit text & audio values (Includes 21 preset colors now available in the 'Settings' panel)


Added color selection to Settings panel
Added Dark/Light backdrops (arrows on right side)
Beat meter modified :(

Sharpened Console Image better match to text
Rotator intensity responds to beat
Track display corrected

Added Settings Panel
Modified Net meters to show cumulative stats
'Comm Center' opens player (Default is WinAmp)
Added Gmail count & link
Changed external IP lookup to
... Minor code changes; good for now ... :)

Added variables for network speed

Initial release
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I click download but nothing happens O_o

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Depending on your browser, you could try 'right-click' and 'Save link as...' or 'Save file as...'.

It should offer the rmskin package for download. Some browsers (IE) sometimes change the extension from .rmskin to .zip; just rename the file and it will open with RainmeterInstaller.

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looks so awesome, thanks

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Can I just say what a well put together piece of kit, thanks for your work
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Thanks for the appreciation!
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where do i get the weather code?

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You can look up weather codes by clicking the 'Settings' label (top middle of console) then click on the label 'Weathercode:'

This will open the Weather Codes Website where you can find the code by searching for your city, region. It will be something like 'USNY0996' 

Once you find it open the 'Settings' again and click the weather code that is there 'USOH0602' and type your code in the input box
Press 'ENTER' to set it. Click 'Apply Changes' in the settings window (upper-right corner)
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im new to rainmeter and donloaded it is it possible to change its size and desktop icons as well thanks
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Sorry, but it can not be scaled.

What desktop icons? There are none of those in this package...
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Hello, how can i download that?
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"DOWNLOAD" Link is at the upper right of this page.
You will need to have the Rainmeter program installed to use.
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I like the information overload kinda sci-fi feel. but very small on a 1440p monitor xd
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I went with an average size image and modified the text to fit.
It is small on my 1920x1080 res... but readable {if I'm wearing my reading glasses!}.

I may create another in the future, but this one "is-what-it-is".
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I would love to see the blue Console28, but I've been unable to edit the ini file effectively. How can I get a hold of the blue version of Console28?
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Left-click on the 'Settings' in the skin to open the color selection containing 21 colors. Click on the color you want, and click 'Apply Changes'.
To edit the color choices, middle-click 'Settings' to open the file in your text editor, and change the color codes. Save and refresh the skin.
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