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Audio Dimensia III

Dimensional Visualizer Tool for Rainmeter ~ YouTube Preview

Audio Dimensia III is a framework that let's you create dimensional visualizer displays of your music with an optional mirrored image.

By default, it responds to 30~19,000 Hz in a 4-layered dimensional pattern; low frequencies are represented on the narrowest back line, up to the high frequencies on the widest front line.

Sample Basic Display Low to High Frequencies (easily modified by using the Settings skin)


The default color scheme represents low frequencies as blue, mid-low as green, mid-high as red, and high as golden/white. RainRGB4 by JSMorley is included providing color palette selection so the Stroke and fill colors can be easily modified in the setting skin. 

The setting skin comes with 2 themes; Light or Dark. Double-Left-click the display to access the settings skin. This is where you can easily create a completely new look for your visualizer.

Setting Skin Options
  • set the width and height
  • rotate the visualizer to any positive/negative angle
  • set the tilt of the base grid from 0 to 45 degrees
  • set the RGB colors for the strokes and fill (either manually or with RainRGB4 by JSMorley!)
  • set the angle of the fill color
  • set the angle of the mirrored fill color
  • set the fill alpha
  • join the ends of the stroke lines
  • set the thickness of the stroke
  • fill the shapes with a gradient
  • toggle gradient colors
  • set a stroke dot pattern of 'DashSize,GapSize' with round/square/triangle endcaps
  • set the sensitivity to the sound
  • smooth the display
  • shift the display vertically
  • select player process to monitor
  • Respond to all sounds or just when player process is active

Custom Context Menu Options
  • open the settings skin
  • toggle the mirrored display
  • toggle the base grid
  • toggle a bachground shade for better mouse detection
  • toggle corner pillars
  • select light/dark colored base
  • view the normal skin context menu

Creating a New Visualizer
You can copy the entire skin to a new folder or because the same shape skin is used for all visualizer examples, and the settings are stored in separate 'Settings' sub-folders, all you need to do is copy/paste any of the main 'Shape#' folders to the AudioDimensia_III folder, rename it, and refresh Rainmeter.

Requires Rainmeter v4.3.0.0 minimum, available here

v 1.2019.04.09
:bulletred: Removed Frosted Glass plugin from the package; Feel free to add it from here
:bulletyellow: Modified placement and sizes to reduce (or eliminate) possible clipping on loudest sounds

v 1.2018.10.28
:bulletyellow: Disabled Frosted Glass plugin by default due to display issues

v 1.2018.06.25
:bulletyellow: Corrected pillars not showing on main shape caused by 6/13 update

v 1.2018.06.13
:bulletyellow: Increased separation amplitude
:bulletyellow: Pillars are filled using middle two colors
:bulletyellow: Switch Chameleon measures to use four 'Light' colors versus Fore/Backgrounds for better color selection

v 1.2018.04.17
:bulletred: Removed excessive refresh actions when setting separation; introduced in last update...

v 1.2018.04.12
:bulletyellow: Corrected typo (irrelevant error on refresh)

v 1.2018.04.09
:bulletgreen: Add optional Chameleon color option to the context menu (Plugin by Sock-the-Fox)
:bulletyellow: Added 'middlemousedown' action for 'reversed' mirrored image (move mouse away while holding middle button)

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Looks AMAZING! Such fun to customize, too

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Glad you like it, and I agree you should customize it to achieve your "personalized" visualizer style.

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wow thanks looks great

Is it possible to prevent the skin from hiding when there are no sounds playing? (I use multiple audio visualizer skins and have a separate skin that hides them all when no sounds are playing, and shows them again when sound is playing.)

Is it possible to set the "WebNowPlaying" plugin as the default player?

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

Each "Shape#" has it's own test for sound, so each would need to be changed...

The [MeasureAudioMute] section can be removed, disabled, or commented out, to prevent hiding the shapes when there is no sound.

Adding WebNowPlaying is more than I can do right now. Feel free to modify the measures on your own. You can always re-install this package if it breaks.


and no worries. I'm not sure I know what I'm doing enough to make it use WebNowPlaying myself but I'm not afraid to try. I was just hoping you'd have an easy solution before I went and read Rainmeter documentation lol

Also - I love this skin, thanks for making it <3

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

Thanks! Yeah, there is a lot to read about!

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Eclectic-Tech's avatar
Nah... Just Perseverance! Enjoy!
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What on earth does "fill angle" do?
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That controls the angle of the gradient used to fill the wave forms; "Gradient Colors" must be "Yes", and the "Fill Alpha" set to a low level (50~100).

By default it is 270. Depending on the "Fill Alpha" setting, you will see a gradient (from opaque to transparent) used to fill the wave forms.

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I wish it were possible to have less alpha transparent with Fill alpha.
Eclectic-Tech's avatar

To have opaque (solid) fill colors, set "gradient Colors" to "No" and set "Fill Alpha" to "300"

turkeyphant's avatar
Sorry that's not what I was asking. When you use Fill alpha at any level 300 is the max but is still too low. I'd want something equivalent to 700.
Eclectic-Tech's avatar

You will have to edit the "Settings.ini" file. Locate the last section [EndUserInput2], Go to "Command6=..." and change the "300" in the Clamp function to "700" or "1000". Save the file. Now you can input higher values for the FillAlpha.

Command6=[!WriteKeyValue Variables FillAlphaLevel (Clamp("$UserInput$",0,700)) ""][!RefreshGroup "#RootConfig#"] Y=(54*#YPercent#) DefaultValue="#FillAlphaLevel#" StringAlign=Right

EDIT: You should copy your edited "Settings.ini" file to every "Shape#/Settings" folder (replacing the existing one) so that option can be applied to any shape.

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One other thing I would like to know if it's possible:

1. stop the clipping at the far left and far right edges? (like on the left and right on the middle example of your screenshot above).
2. Make a colour gradient go from left to mid to right not just the four different fill colours. So highs and lows would have a slightly different colour if that makes sense?
Eclectic-Tech's avatar

In special cases, you could see clipping, so I have modified the original size and placement to hopefully eliminate the clipping you are seeing. It involves a lot of changes, so I will post an updated package shortly.

By the way, the middle screenshot is designed to have straight edged "panels" that correspond to the level of the next "panel" from back to front...

As for the gradients, you are free to modify the 16 "MyGradient##" definitions in the shape meters to change what colors and ratios are used. I am not currently interested in modifying that feature.

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Thanks so much! I probably should have explored in that file myself :)
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Glad iff it "WOWED" you! Thanks!
The III/3rd Shape is not working/showing on my computer, plz help me out.
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