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'Animated' Lock Screen for Rainmeter

Version: 3.2019.08.01

:bulletgreen: Updated Aug 2019

Corrected Bing Wallpaper Download

Still 3 versions:
- Current Wallpaper
- Picture-of-the-Day
or Images Folder of your choice. 

Lock the screen using transformations of your wallpaper (or included one if you have none selected) with +33,000 varying transitions. 

The transitions range from a dynamic movement, to a very subtle changes while the text fades in and out, and re-positions (no chance of image burn-in).
The skin shows User Info, OS Version, Up-time, Time, Date, plus optional Weather, and the 3 Latest News Items from up to 13 News Sites. 

Left screen edge (default) or Top screen edge left-click to activate screen lock.
A button style launcher is included.

Skin can automatically lock your screen after a set time of inactivity (default is 120 seconds/2 min. Adjustable).

All styles of the display (font, colors, etc.) can be control by right-clicking
 the image and using the context menus.

Inspired by Yosemite Screen Lock created by NikolaRabra in Yosemite Menu Bar
Image Transformations, Text Fade, and News added by me for use in Lock Screen by JSMorley…
Keypad from Rainlock v3 by TheMonoTM
Weather & News Icons Enigma by Kaelri

Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike-No-Derivatives 4.0 International

Version 3.2019.08.01
Corrected Bing Wallpaper Download

Version 3.2016.08.25
Corrected !Setwallpaper bang for Image version
Pause animation when unlocking pad is accessed

Version 3.2016.06.06
Corrected Bing Image Download Coding
Corrected Weather
Corrected So Failed Image Downloads Will Not Prevent Other Image Updates

Removed Full Config Access from Context menu (Access by right-click loader skin)
- Now screen can only be unlocked by code or special key press
Increased Side Panel to accommodate larger previews
Added double-click action to the Keypad Clear button to Close the Keypad

Added a true lock using 4-number pin (Initial PinCode is: 5555)
Added keypad to unlock screen (Click 'Lock' Icon for keypad)
Note: hold 'Ctrl' and right-click to manually close skin. PinCode is stored in Resources\User\ if you need to manually edit
Added Icons to toggle Keypad, Weather, News, and Update Web Images
Removed 'Blur' option because it tripled the file size
Added new font choices: Planer, Avenir LT 35 Light, Hasteristico
Removed Comic Sans & Verdana fonts

Initial Release
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The Pin-Code aspect of the Lock Sreen makes it a nice addition to a Windows touchscreen laptop.

The weather and RSS make nice bells and whistles.

Not the most stable at times, but that's almost certainly on Rainmeter and not on you.
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Thanks! Yes, it is resource intensive, but it runs when nothing else is demanding processor time. This pushes Rainmeter imaging processing to the edge!
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wow this sucks "sorry bro"
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It's a screen lock... what did you expect? Wink/Razz 

Everyone's entitled to their opinion...
I see you haven't created anything, so I will consider the source when deciding a comment's value. No, I disagree! 

Have a great day.
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lol I just uploaded my first deviation today.
Really good, thanks; you put a lot of work into this as usual.
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Thanks! It was a good 'learning' project and I am glad you like the result. :thumbsup: 
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