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AWord Launchers

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Scalable, Customizable Text Launchers for Rainmeter
Author: Eclectic Tech

A simple skin to create text that can launch items in Rainmeter. The size of the text can be quickly scaled using the mouse wheel. The size can be 'locked' after setting.

Version 3 has major changes to make this a simply "Copy&Paste-To-Expand" utility:
- The only editing of the files needed to create a new launcher is to change the #CurrentWord# variable to match your folder number; Word1 folder :: CurrentWord=1, Word2 Folder :: CurrentWord=2, etc. The variable is located in the '' file of the CONFIG folder for each Word## launch skin.
- Just copy a folder, and rename it Word##, change the variable described above, refresh Rainmeter, and you have a new launcher
- Setting changes now appear immediately (no need to manually refresh)

All aspects of the text can be adjusted using the included configuration skin; middle-click the text to bring up the configuration. Each AWord skin has it's own configuration settings. So each launcher can be unique, or you can create identical skins to use in a menu.

AWord label can be any text; a single letter, or several paragraphs. The label is contained in a standard, editable file; "Label.txt". That file will be displayed with formatting 'close' to what you type there; spacing sometimes needs to be adjusted for displayed centering.

There are 8 pre-set AWord skins. To add more, simply copy any of the folders, paste a new copy in the 'AWord' folder, and rename it 'Word##'. Change the #CurrentWord# variable to match the folder NUMBER. Refresh All in Rainmeter, load the new skin and edit the label and launch path. Simple, huh? :)

RainFile by Kaelri is used to select folders or files.

RainFont by JS Morley (Rainmeter "Guru" Developer) is included to help you find different fonts on your system. If you find ones you want to use, it is recommended to copy the ttf files to the "AWord\resources\Fonts" folder. Once there, the skins can use them.

Feedback welcomed. Website:

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