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TLK - Matching Tragedy


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Happy Krampus Christmas - maybe

Demon on the Battlefield

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The Demon's Son - Part 3 Page 84

The Demon's Son

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Dragondera Comics Stories

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Dragon Character Sheets

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A Pride of Their Own

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Origins of the Rat - GMD Fan-fiction - Ms Raeburn

AMELIA RAEBURN Full Name: Amelia Helena Raeburn (formerly Crichton) Fur colour: Brown and white Hair: Very dark brown and medium length, swept to one side Eyes:  Golden brown Ethnicity: British Species: Norway/ Brown Rat (Fancy a.k.a pet variety) Occupation:  Former Opera singer, head of a medium criminal empire Weapon of Choice: Her own teeth and claws Bases:  Irene Adler partially but heavily Fredericka “Marm” Mandelbaum, and even a pinch of Lady Macbeth and Livia in I Claudius Voice: Judi Dench Appearance: Tall, not necessarily obvious unless she wants you to see her, often wears a long blue, purple or black dress th

Origins of the Rat Series

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Fan Fiction

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Maps and Dragon Clans

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Some Fascinating Breed Facts

Some Fascinating Breed Facts Top Ten Tallest Breeds 1. Battering 2. Guardian 3. Demon 4. Moon 5. Larva 6. Firebelly 7. Frilled 8. Shaker 9. Mystic 10. Elf Top Ten Smallest Breeds 1. Dwarf 2. Charmer 3. Wood Baby 4. Air Elemental 5. Snickner 6. Razorwing 7. Water Elemental 8. Evergreen 9. Forest Isle 10. Oriental Top Ten Most Common Breeds 1. Mix Breed 2. Colour 3. Mystic 4. Elf 5. Firebelly 6. Vampire 7. Nightmare 8. Frilled 9. Elemental 10. Mountain Top Ten Rarest Breeds 1. Demon 2. Rainbow 3. Striped 4. Mohican 5. Venom 6. Evergreen 7. Sun 8. Forest Isle 9. Spotted 10. Moon Top Ten Most Dangerous Breeds

Dragondera Breeds

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TLK - The Lucky Find 3/3

TLK - Chronicles of the Lion Kingdoms

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Unusual Plans - A Bleach OC Story

Unusual Plans A Bleach-Jurassic Park Crossover with OCs Please Note This Story Is A Complete Parody The suggestion seemed a little unusual to Kira, but she had heard this kind of thing before when in the depths of twelfth squad. Apparently the Soul Society had been around so long that there should be all kinds of life in its realms, including prehistoric, but with so many Hollows and other odd “creatures”, Kira was not sure exactly how her captors were going to tell the difference. For the past four months Kira had been bouncing in and out of Hueco Mundo and Sereitei thanks to Aizen’s curious obsession with her being his Stuff

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Patreon - 100 Themes - #1 Introductions

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Iron Lyons Fanart - Never Parted


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Dragon Doodles

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Honey Buzzard Griffon

Old Dragon Profiles

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Moments with the Dragons of Yedidya

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The Lion King - Cubs Around Simba's Age


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