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Patreon - 100 Themes - #52 Running Away

By echosdusk
Character  Pedael

Theme Number 52: Running Away


“Master… I do not know how to comprehend the situation you are in with that demon… you’re an angel of the First Order, created from the first thoughts as he once was… but he’s fallen and…” Daniel was unsure what to say or do, he still felt guilty for having said the demon’s name backwards and so having trapped Pedael into such a deal in the first place. He was still not comfortable with them not telling the other angels about this situation, particularly when this could mean some demons had infiltrated the system! But as he sat within the rolling clouds alongside his master, the guardian angel in training stared at the vacant and sad expression of the curious angel with his lone black feather seemingly more obvious amongst a sea of white. “Master Pedael?”

It was a strange situation indeed and within his robes the ghostly figure sat quietly upon the rolling cumulus with his brilliant pink eyes glazing over as he considered all of his options. He wished he could just turn around and discuss it with Daniel when he was desperate to actually talk about what happened to him, yet Pedael did nothing. His mouth opened as if to speak because he had so much to say, but the memory of lips upon lips made him shiver and close his mouth suddenly. His hand lifted to cover it, closing his eyes and feeling a terrible shame overcome him and his wings drooped as Daniel gave a sharp gasp of fear.

“Master? Please don’t be so sad… I know its horrible… forcing you to possess a human and then kissing you but… but you were forced and well… you were just obeying a contract.” Daniel pleaded, sensing the guilt and shame swirling around his master as the clouds about him turn grey and heavy with rain. It was unusual for any angel in heaven to feel anything like this and Daniel’s human aspects seemed to twinge and squeak that this was something very unfair, but angels never experienced unfair, there was only what must be and Daniel groaned as he looked towards his master with frustration. “Surely if we tell them what has happened, they’ll be able to break to contract and you won’t have to entertain him anymore!”

“Dear sweet child… I’m afraid you are too innocent on this matter… for demons and the Fallen in particular, this is about humiliation and rarely breaks any rules.” Pedael stated softly, his hand lifting up to stroke at his lips softly, startled that touching his spiritual form had no kind of touch at all. He could not really understand why it had been something so exciting when he’d been possessing the body of another being. His mind was spinning in anxiety, he balled his fist up again his chin and heaved a sigh of irritation before producing another, lower sigh that made Daniel jolt in surprise. “If I were not an angel… I could just run away and leave others to pay for the consequences…”

“WHAT! Master… there is no way you would ever even consider such a thing. Considering the countless adventures you’ve taken me on to aid human souls desperate to be shown that there is some compassion in the world and restore faith, you’ve never even thought of such a thing!” Daniel stood up, his brown wings opening out as he looked towards his master with a pout and his fists to his hip. He was grunting in irritation as he looked down at the albino being before him, but Pedael looked up at him with a soft chuckle that was hollow and then his head turned away.

Pedael looked out across the clouds in the sky, his eyes wandering off into memories to remember when he and Zepar had both been here in heaven. He recalled the way they’d lounged on the clouds, stirring the wind and making the clouds into different shapes, stroking them into fine wisps or bunching them up into thick heavy clouds filled with rain before pushing them out to join with the developing clouds of the monsoons. There had been such innocence and joy and yet, if Zepar were to be believed then none of it had been normal to begin with it… none of it was clear anymore. Even as he watched the memories in his mind, the angel Zepar had been replaced by that vicious looking demon looming over Pedael possessively and he shuddered in dismay.

“I’m sorry Daniel… its not right of me to say such a thing… but when you learn that even those days before the tempting and before the Fall, that nothing had ever been the truth you had believed… you too might wish to run to a place where you can just not exist anymore…” Pedael stated softly, but his heart was twisted and spinning in circles. The most fearful thing of all was that he wished not to just run away on his own, but that he wanted to grab Zepar and drag him away with him. Why? Why did he still not want to let go after millennia apart?


So, my first piece of my 100 Themes was number 52: Running Away, for this I just went with the first thing to pop in my head and that was from a story of mine called “Cruel Temptations”. This story is all planned up, just needs me to write it, just like with Traitor to the Blood, and its actually my first one focusing on demons and angels, an actual Fallen Angel (Zepar) and a Guardian Angel (Pedael). The pair were companions in heaven before the Fall, but when Zepar went to Lucifer’s side, he tried to make Pedael go with him, claiming he was in love with Pedael, which was a bit too much for his companion to deal with. When a trick is played and a human they have been sent to aid turns out to be possessed and tricks them into a contract, Pedael will be forced to go against angelic protocol to keep his junior safe and come face to face with Zepar’s longing.

Its an interesting story with more soppy bits than sexy bits and well, I hope you don’t mind my terrible doodle with their animal faces. This is literally just my doodles!

If you’re interested in my Beyond the Veil universe, you can have a look for more on my Patreon – or check out what’s there to read here -

© Clare SM Keating :iconechosdusk: 

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