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Eques by Echos-in-the-Shadows Eques by Echos-in-the-Shadows
    Ok so this is Eques. My friend and I decided to make this girl named Annemaria. Annemaria had a lot of power, she could make things instantly by using her imagination, She was bored and made Eques (who is in her human form not her normal one) and the JubJub bird. Unfortunately Annemaria was insane and split herself into three people, creating split personalities (Annemaria being them all together). One girl was the calm and normal average girl, she took on the name Ann. Another was the sweetest girl you ever knew, she took on the name Annemarie. The last was the insanity, she took on the name Marie.
    The girls each made a creature for themselves, Ann made the Jabberwocky, Annemarie made the Bandersnatch, and Marie made the Blood-Stained Black-Rabbit (A.K.A The B-rabbit). The girls couldn't agree and thus war broke out inside their mind. They made a telepathic connection with their creatures so that they could help fight in the war.
    Soon Annemarie couldn't take it anymore, she couldn't take the strain of the war and trying to stop the other two so she split herself between the two girls and was out of the war. Bander (Bandersnatch) didn't know who to fight for so whoever was winning he would join and mostly get in they though.
    B and Jabber hated each other, one's mistress was calm and logical, the other wasn't. JubJub and Eques stayed out of the fight mostly.
    Finally Ann and Jabber locked B and Marie up for a while until she was much more calm and they let her out. Annemarie returned after there wasn't a battle going.
    Years later the girl couldn't take the world or anything and decided to split completely, they killed themselves committing suicide by splitting. The pets didn't take it well but stuck together.
    1100 years later they told their story to someone who wrote up the story creating the "Annemaria" story that was read to children at bedtime, the story, however, gave the kids nightmares.


Sooooo, the 5 pets were given human form by Annemaria, fun fact, they all retain things from their original form, which they can morph into.

Name: Eques
Gender: Female
Hair: Black with purple swirl (It moves like she's constantly under water or in space)
Eyes: Purple
Cloak: Annemaria's
Shoes: Gift from the boys
Belt: Leather
Pants: Brown
Shirt: Cream

I don't own any of these creatures!!!! I do however own the story and the idea of human forms.

B-Rabbit ~ Pandorahearts
Eques ~ Pandorahearts
The JubJub Bird ~ Lewis Carroll
Jabberwocky ~ Lewis Carroll
Bandersnatch ~ Lewis Carroll

Annemaria was My friend and I's version of Alice in Wonderland (although instead of Wonderland, The great Battle ground) One more thing, Eques is the only one who wears medieval clothes. The rest wear modern. And her cloak is too long.


Program used: ArtWeaver
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February 25, 2015
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