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My terrible art! -.-


Silent Silver by Griddles Silent Silver :icongriddles:Griddles 274 40 Puff'd Talisman by Griddles Puff'd Talisman :icongriddles:Griddles 257 47 Purple Petals by Griddles Purple Petals :icongriddles:Griddles 353 60 Rambunctious Randomness by Griddles Rambunctious Randomness :icongriddles:Griddles 240 32 Space is My Mystery by Griddles Space is My Mystery :icongriddles:Griddles 303 39 The Triple Helix by Griddles The Triple Helix :icongriddles:Griddles 273 35 Sky-blue Sweetheart by Griddles Sky-blue Sweetheart :icongriddles:Griddles 307 54 ...And I Will Cut You by Griddles ...And I Will Cut You :icongriddles:Griddles 280 34 Serenity Raven by Griddles Serenity Raven :icongriddles:Griddles 279 32
Splinter stared at the chaos that until recently had been his home.
"Don! Don wait! He didn't do it on purpose!"
"I don't care! He's DEAD!"
The melodic scream of his youngest drew Splinter's attention across the room. Held high above Michelangelo's head was a mess of dust, fur, and were those feathers?
"Come on Donne!" the orange banded ninja yelled. "Klunk was just dusting! He didn't mean to break your experiment thingy!"
Donatello sprinted after his younger brother with what looked like a broken lamp post.
"Dusting is your job Mikey!" Don yelled angrily. "AND TYING A FEATHER DUSTER TO YOUR CAT DOESNT COUNT!"
Leonardo and Raphael brought up the rear in the odd train, trying to placate the normally passive ninja, or disarm him. Neither was working.
Splinter simply turned back around and re-entered his room. Why did Spring Cleaning always end up making such a mess?
:iconjustpeachee:justpeachee 15 30
Donnie was so proud. It was the perfect solution to the very real problem of Mikey leaving a trail of crumbs everywhere he went.
The ants had nearly driven Raph to the brink, and the cockroach had finally broken him. Aside from feeding Mikey through a tube at all times, this was the next best thing.
With a smile, Donnie shut the lid on his latest invention he proudly called the "industrial" Roomba.
It had a very advanced sensory network making it incredibly efficient at finding messes. It was faster than most people walked, and it had over 1000 times the suction power as any retail Roomba.
Picking up his creation, he walked out of his lab to show it to his family. He found them in the living room, Raph and Leo getting trounced by Mikey on the Xbox. Master Splinter sat in his comfy chair, enjoying his sons' company and reading a book.
"Hey guys," Donnie beamed. "Got a second?"
"Dude, these guys have all day," Mikey laughed. "They're never gonna beat me at this rate."
Leo glared while Ra
:iconjustpeachee:justpeachee 23 29
Donnie gently rubbed soothing circles on April's back as she quietly cried. Mikey sat at her feet anxiously, twisting his hands in his lap. Splinter looked sadly at the trio huddled in the center of the pit.
"I'm sorry you lost your mom's earring April," Mikey said quietly, gingerly patting her leg.
"It's my fault," April sobbed. "I never should have worn them down here in the sewers."
Donnie sighed quietly, pulling April into a hug. What was there to say?
The small group sat silently except for April's soft sobs. When the scuff of feet came from the turnstiles, they looked up and gasped. Leo and Raph were covered in mud, grime, and heaven knows what else, but both were grinning widely.
Leo held something up between his giant fingers. There glinting in the dim light of the lair was a tiny diamond earring. April's eyes grew wide.
"Is this it April?" Leo asked.
For being highly trained ninjas, neither Leo nor Raph saw April move until she was hugging them both tightly.
"You found it! Oh
:iconjustpeachee:justpeachee 15 24
Nodus: a problem, difficulty, or complication
Donnie was frustrated. Once again Mikey had been messing around in his lab and broke something. It wasn't particularly dangerous this time, and certainly not something he couldn't fix, but these little disturbances were becoming increasingly annoying.
Probably why he was on a roll lecturing Mikey right now.
"Irresponsible, completely oblivious, potentially dangerous actions, destructive tendencies no matter what you're doing, unbelievable how you are the nodus that compromises not only the sterile environment of this lab but-"
"Hey Donnie?"
"...what Mikey."
"What's a nodus?"
"Is it another word for awesome? I'll bet it is. Cool word dude."
Donnie's eye twitched as Mikey sprinted out of the lab yelling at the top of his lungs.
"Hey Raphie guess what? I'M A NODUS!"
:iconjustpeachee:justpeachee 10 5
Master Splinter had conquered some of the harshest and most challenging training regimens in his life time.
Traveling to far off lands, meditating for days on end, fasting, grueling endurance challenges, you name it he had done it.
And yet nothing could compare to the overwhelming difficulty of what was currently flying by him.
All four of his tots had somehow become covered in what smelled like olive oil and were now zooming around the lair on their slippery little shells.
Time and again he reached out and managed to grasp the lip of a shell, only for it to slip through his fingers like butter.
Frantically he dove for little Michelangelo as he raced past him, exhaling a heavy 'OOF' as he crashed onto his stomach, coming up empty. Frowning deeply he rose to his feet, only to be bowled over by Raphael who was hurtling towards the other end of the room.
With a solid clunk he hit the wall, giggling like a maniac.
"Didja see that Leo?" the tot asked excitedly. "Betcha can't do that!"
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He was calm. Totally and completely calm. Just standing in the middle of the lair frozen. He was fine.
The feeling of tiny legs crawling over him was still there. In a panic he frantically checked himself over again from green toe to red bandana. Nothing.
Ok. Calm. Totally calm. Nothing there. Just his imagination. Right? Right. There were no bugs here. Nothing creeping crawling over his skin. Breathe.
"Holy pizza on a stick Klunk!" his little brother yelled in shock. "Donnie! Where is the flea powder? Klunk is infested!"
Raph's eye blew wide as the tingling of little legs over his body increased.
Big freaking NOPE.
With a sound he would deny to his dying day was a squeal, Raph turned tail and fled. Maybe Leatherhead had a flamethrower he could borrow...
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Little Robot by caycowa Little Robot :iconcaycowa:caycowa 174 60



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Hi, I'm Echo! I love to draw (obviously), I'm mostly self-taught. By no means do I do this professionally. I started getting serious about art almost two years ago. But enough about me! On to the art!!!!!!

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Hey, guys. I'm moving my operation to a different DA account. I'm working on posting all my art there, and I will terminate this account eventually. My new username is QueenOfHeartsNCrows, or you can go to this link queenofheartsncrows.deviantart… Anyway, thanks for understanding. I hope to see you there! Bye!


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