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a portrait for :iconryuukishin: <3 thank you so much for commissioning me !!! ♥
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Weeks later, I still absolutely adore this; I feel like I'm doing the best possible Narcissus impression in the world if we pretend for a moment that this piece is my reflection. I really admire the way you convey different textures, from the unbroken shine on her gloves to the way each individual padding is shaded. And that metal?? My spirit INSTANTLY leaves my body, revealing my true form as a caterpillar on stilts!!

Your colors are so, so gorgeous; I'm incredibly partial to art that's able to introduce different colors in the shading and it's so cool to be able to see the transition from yellow light to red-tinted base to blue shadows, and then looking closer realize the blue is made up of subtle purple to green hues! Like!!! I'm immediately breathless, I cannot believe!! Even the way you were able to introduce blues and pinks to the armor while still having it read as silver is fantastic to me, and I love her expression and pose and colors and incredibly cool dagger beyond measure!

Every time I see this I feel like the outside of me is :) and the inside of me is a horse gracefully throwing back her head to just outright SHRIEK AT THE MOON I am filled with SO much love!! Thank you again so, so much for your kindness, patience, and care for my baby girl; she came out fantastic!!!