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Attack On Titan Oc
Attack On Titan Oc
Supernatural x Reader - Impala
The first time it happened, you barely even noticed it. You had always loved the impala, almost as much as Dean did. If Sam was fond of it, and Dean obsessed with it, then you were appreciative and affectionate. You couldn’t imagine riding in anything else. From the body, to the leather seats, to the trunk space (roomy even for the King of Hell), to how she handled, ‘Baby’ was perfection. It was a classic from the 60’s, had gotten destroyed by a tractor trailer, and still managed to haul your asses across the country. But needless to say, you never imagined that a car would return those affections. The instances beg
Breaching Hearts (SupernaturalxReader)
Sam had loved a few beautiful women in his life, they had all had hearts of gold. But he had been in love with you. You had come into his life and it wasn't that you made everything clearer, but you made him see the whole picture- instead of just staring at the ripples created by each little raindrop on the river, you showed him the rolling clouds, the rainbow and the birds ruffling their feathers. You were beautiful in every single way in Sam's eyes, and you gave him more reasons to carry on. You gave Sam happiness in a world that was always crushing him, and held him up when the world almost won. Dean used to flirt with you like any other
Fledgling Daycare Pt. 2 ReaderxSPN
            The next morning, the pitter patter of small feet could be heard coming down the stairs of the attic. Balthazar and Castiel walked hand and hand into the kitchen; Castiel bumping straight into Dean’s legs.            “Morning, you two. Sleep well?”            Castiel hummed a sleepy answer and hugged Dean’s leg.            Balthazar nodded, “Can I have coffee?”            “No but, you can have juice.” Sam answered.            “Close enough.” He mumbled as Sam gave him a sippy cup of apple juice. “Have you seen (Name)?”            “I thought she was
SPN angels x reader 'writers block'
You sat on the couch twirling your pencil. You sighed, looking at all the crumpled up pieces of paper on the floor. Writers block. You wanted to write, you knew what you wanted to write, but you just couldn't.....write it down. "Ugh," you ran your hands threw your hair. "What's up, cupcake?" Gabriel appeared, his head on your lap, sucking on a lollipop. "I suck. I don't even know why I try," you whine, leaning your head back on the couch. Gabriel frowned, "writers block.....again?" "Hey, writings not easy you know," you said flicking his nose in the process. "First, owww," he began, while rubbing his nose, "second: here I'll show it's ea
Awkward (Supernatural Reader Insert)
You're sitting there with Dean and Sam, taking a break. You guys know what you're hunting, you figured that out hours ago. It's a vampire, simple, easy. Now, you're just waiting for the right time. This one decides to pick girls up from bars and take them home to 'do things'. The girls think they're gonna get some and willingly follow him into his basement. He makes out with them a bit first, really get their blood pumping. Then, he moves to their neck where he sinks his teeth.    A bit cliché, if I do say so myself, but anyway, back to you. You guys are just sitting there, chilling. Then you feel the horrible, horrible feeling of
SPN angels x Reader 'Squishy'
"Awwww," you carefully picked up the little furball; also known as a kitten. You ran your hand through its fur, earning a quiet purr from him. "No," Balthazar commanded, "put it down." "But Balty," you whined, "he's soooo adorable," talking more to the cat than the angel. "I said no," he reached out to grab him, but pulled back when the cat swiped at him. "See he's a lethal killing machine." You weren't listening though; you were too busy scratching it's "beautiful, squishy, amazingly soft wittle tummy. "What is she doing?" Lucifer asked, walking up to Balthazar. "Becoming overly attached to a rude, satanic creature." Lucifer cocked an eye
Supernatural X Reader - Chocolate
Once they had finished up with a vengeful spirit haunting a restaurant, (yn), Sam, Dean, and Cas went back to the motel. When they got to the room, (yn) immediately plopped down on one of the chairs and pulled a fun-sized chocolate bar out of her pocket, unwrapping it and taking a bite. Sam eyed you with an odd expression. You seemed to always have those candy bars with you. “Hey (yn), what’s with the chocolate?” You swallowed your previous bite. “In case you haven’t noticed Sam, I am female. I cannot go without some form of chocolate for more than 72 hours.” Cas’s eyes widened. “Is this a hu
Hungry Hunters (Team Free WillxReaderxGabriel)
Summary: You and the boys are starving and you get an idea on how to get free food. After a good five hours of being cramped in the Impala, Dean decided to pull over to one of the many rest stops that lined the highway. This spot was simple, just a little picnic table surrounded by trees. As soon as the car stopped you and Sam hopped out, both eager to stretch your legs.   “Are we almost there at least?” you asked as you paced back and forth. “Still have about 3 more hours,” Dean answered from inside the car as he searched for a radio station he liked.   “Ugh,” you and Sam groaned in unison.   “It w
SupernaturalxReader - Nightmares
Supernatural x Reader A/N: In all honesty, I’m only up to season 4 right now. Sooo.... All of this happened before the apocalypse c: The motel door flung open in rage by no other then Dean Winchester. “Damn it (y/n)!!” Dean shouted. He set down his weapons on the bed. Sam followed into the room with you from behind. Dean was currently bandaged up from a few wounds. The three of you were taking care of a spirit when you let your guard down by accident. And well, this happened. Dean saved you but he got hurt in the process. “I-I’m sorry!” You apologized, on the brink of tears. “You could’ve go
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