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Grunge Clock v1.5

Removing the Leading Zero
Thanks ~Scd2k10 for asking. For anyone else who is wondering, this is how it's done.
Right click the clock and select "Edit Skin." Under the measure [MeasureTimeMinutes], change "Format=%H:%M" to "Format=%#H:%M". Don't forget to save the document and refresh the skin to apply the change.

Using More Fonts
Save/Install the font you want in "C:\Windows\Fonts." Open the "ini" file in notepad and change the font listed next to "FontFace." There are three places it needs to be changed on the clock and six places on the clock/calendar.

Rainmeter [link]
Screenshot [link] [link]
Wallpaper [link]§ion=&q=they+stole+the+moon#/d1cqmrz
Made to go with “Corner Calendar” [link]
Font “Hotel Coral Essex” [link]
Font “A Lolita Scorned” [link]
Code modified from “pileus clock”[link]

What's in the Download
Includes a basic clock and a clock with the date. Both clocks are in 12 hour and 24 hour formats and have the option of being black or white and the option of being “Hotel Coral Essex” or "A Lolita Scorned."

Modded Versions of Grunge Clock
SurfStyle Clock.Weather.Gmail by ~BobSugar

Version 1.0:[link]

What’s different from v1.0
*The white is actually white not grey
*Addition of A Lolita Scorned to the font options
*Is now an easy to install RMSKIN file
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Although this seems like a nice clock visually, the code behind it is quite poor. Two issues. First, the clock is NOT in sync with your PC clock (tested on Windows 7 and 10); it lags behind by about half a second, which seems like not a big deal - but it *is* - because a clock only does one thing, it tracks time and it is supposed to do it precisely; some people use clocks to do things that are time sensitive, like trade stocks or monitor important events such as sports or news; and a clock that is not precise is like a car without wheels or a refrigerator without refrigeration. And second, the 24-hour clock forces AM or PM to be displayed next to time. Come ON people, seriously$%#@&???

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thank you for this amazing cool looking app cheers :)
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I used this modded skin in my latest desktop: [link]

Hope you like it!
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One word: Awesome! Thanks a million! [link]
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You're welcome. Thanks!
Lovely one ,thank you for adding for us too to share it
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Glad you like it. Thanks!
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Loved this clock, and decided to mod it out a little further by adding some features like Gmail and weather. If interested you can see it at [link]
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Awesome! I love it!

The link to the clock download from the screenshot is broken though.
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Thanks, and also thanks for letting me know about the busted link - it's fixed now.
brilliant, and refreshing to see a different style around:D
lol nevermind it works now! i forgot to run the ini file sorry im an idiot.. great emdedded clock.. just what I wanted!!! time/date without borders and grungy... thanks alot for all your hard work... much appreciated and looks great on my desktop :)
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glad you were able to get it to work. :)
The clock won't appear im currently running Rainmeter 2.1 beta tho that just came out, you think that's a problem? Has it been tested on the new beta?
This is great, how would I scale down the text of the font size so it disp[lays smaller?
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Right click the skin and click "edit"
Under "Meters" change the number next to "FontSize" for each of the three parts under "Clock" and/or "Calendar"
You may have to adjust the X and/or Y values to move the parts of the clock if gaps appear.
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This is awesome, great job.
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