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Rapunzel's Wig Tutorial 1

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Here we go! If you want to maintain the illusion that my hair is actually magical and glowy and long and blonde, look away now. XD

GOOD GOD THAT TOOK AGES. There are five pages of this monstrosity. Kudos and credit to :iconmaybea: for the amazing beta job (she is incredible, all remaining mistakes are my own) and to Alice, my flatmate, for being that other person in Step Ten. Alice also deserves credit for putting up with me for the week it takes to make this wig. Seriously, it's hair everywhere, make sure no one is going to destroy you before you try this. And remember to clean up after yourself! XD

As it says in the tutorial this is NOT the easiest way to make this wig. Buying a bucketload of colour-matched extensions, for example, might be easier. I had no luck finding golden blonde extensions though (as opposed to ash, platinum, etc) and I am a pedantic little twit. You may have more luck than me though!

I really hope someone finds this useful. I'm posting it by popular demand and I've seen a lot of people wondering how to tackle it, so hopefully it'll come in handy! It's lovely to be able to feed back into a community that has given me so much. Please let me know if you have any questions - I'm happy to answer, and if there are a lot of them, I'll post a FAQ.

Please let me know if you use this tutorial - credit is optional (though appreciated), really I just want to see how others go! XD

Good luck! Follow your heart, make a wig, find your Eugene (...profit?).

Other pages in the tutorial:

Finished product:

Rapunzel is copyrighted to Disney, I am making no profit from this tutorial.
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heres a tutorial thats for a simplier version…
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Where did you get your base wig?
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I love this, could you make me 1 as I have never seen such a realistic wig for Rapunzel as this
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I'm planning on using the method in this tutorial to thicken up my Kimberly wig from Space Ace. As I'm not going to be braiding it, how many of the base wig would you recommend purchasing (or should I just buy a bunch of packs of wefts instead?)
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If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost to make this wig? Your tutorial is awesome, but I'm trying to figure out the most cost effective way to order or make one. Thanks! :) again, great tutorial!
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Hi ;) I just wanted to say thank you for making this awesome tutorial!!!
It helped me so much with my rapunzel wig!<3 <3 
Youre costume is really pretty and you wig is absolutely amazing!!!! 
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would 5 of this wig work?…
I'd really like your opinion, since you made such a lovely tutorial and apparently know about such things. ;)
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Some people won't know what you mean by 'fringe' and 'caulk', and sometimes Google doesn't yield the most helpful responses. Perhaps add a little bit in your description (or somewhere) of what certain terms or steps might mean.

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The caulk question is already answered in the FAQ, but I have to admit this is the first time I've been asked about fringes! A fringe is the part of your hair that sits on your forehead, that's usually cut shorter than the rest. Sometimes its generally referred to as "bangs" (especially in the US). Wiki article here.
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I know what these things are, but many people might not. That's why I made the suggestion. =)
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do you think i can make this in 2 and half days? lol. >_> kinda in a hurry...
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If you had all the materials and pulled an all-nighter, maaaaaaaybe...but I wouldn't recommend it!
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Mine is finally done. I posted ages ago about how I was going to make one from you're tutorial and I DID IT. 

This is my baby:…
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CONGRATULATIONS thank you so much for linking me! I love seeing how they all turn out :'D
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If i bought a longer wig would i still need to buy five extra wigs?
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I doubt it! I only needed that many because they were shorter - just get enough to cover the extensions. :)
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Have you had any issues with the wig colour fading/discolouration?
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Nope! I've worn it three times and the only long-term issue was the matting that happens underneath where it rubs against your back. I saw one Punzie cosplayer address that by wrapping the wig in a really faint netting, so that's a possibility. 
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I'll be having a go at this myself soon. Thank you so much for posting this!
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No problem, I'm just glad to help. I'd love to see the results when you're done!
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Why are you so awesome????? I am totally going to use this. One question though. Do you remember where you got the wig and what color it was?
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Also, about how much did it cost? Over $100? Less? More?
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Yup, I even have the link (since the ebayer still sells the same wig). You can find it all in the FAQ over here.

And as the other lovely commenter said, it was about AU$180-200, which makes it about USD$160-$180. :)
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In USD, it's roughly 160 dollars, give or take.
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