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Welcome to Echoes from the Past! We're a group for people who have a passion for history (as well as mythology) though anyone is more than welcome to join :) . Our rules are fairly few and straight forward at the moment but please don't hesitate to ask a question if something confuses you or if something is not listed that you'd like to know about!


-Be nice and show respect to others.

-Submissions must be history related and must be your own work.

-As to quality, we would like everyone with a love of history to express it and we don't care what skill level you are or what paper the drawing is on. We do, however, care about presentation and would like that you present your artwork the best that you can. This means clean, visible lines or as clean as you can get them.

-Mature Content is allowed as long as it is respectful and with purpose. Admins will accept it on a case-by-case basis.

-OCs are allowed so long as they are based in a historical setting and follow the rules above.

-Absolutely NO hate art.

These rules may change or be added to in the future.

Gallery Folders

Isis - Mastery Skin - SMITE by jaggudada
Two Sentries by ManuLaCanette
Saxon by JoelChaimHoltzman
Joan of Arc cover art by bayardwu
HWS Medieval Irish Woman Warrior Concept by Gambargin
Sadhbh the mother of Oisin by nastya-orekhova
Trevelyan: An Gorta Mor by leoni-von-harbou
Cape of Grass by Ninidu
United Kingdom
Morgan le Fay by Panaiotis
Amazing Grace by Wertyla
Beverley Minster Minstrel by bobswin
Two Sentries by ManuLaCanette
Low Countries
ww1 - 1914, Belgium, Belgian Carabiner by AndreaSilva60
Jan Breydel by basschel
Dutch States soldier by basschel
Protector of the Realm by nine9nine9
Marie Antoinette comic cover - Big Dog Ink by MartaNael
Beau comme le soleil by PonuryGrajek
Norman Infantry - Hastings 1066 by sandu61
Eiffel Tower by ClockworkMultiverse
Johann Kaup and his Chalicotherium by Pelycosaur24
Landsknecht1 by sandu61
Charlemagne Doodle by TyrannoNinja
Panzerjager 1 by sandu61
The Spaniard by TyrannoNinja
Infante Berengaria of Reino de Porto (Portuguese) by Gambargin
Battle of Barrosa 1811 (art for Forlorn Hope) by Mitchellnolte
Battle of Inglesmendi by EthicallyChallenged
The Roman Empire
Legio I Germanica vexillum by Aquelion
Byzantine Reaction Meme by Gambargin by Gambargin
HWS Migration Era - The Guardians of the Empire by Gambargin
The Roman Empire Warrior by ChildOfBurningTime27
Domani partirai by NikeMV
Inferno by 0torno
Machiavelli's 3-week Shoulder Workout by 0torno
Italian Skirmisher by CarlosRSL
Mykonos Windmills with Long Shadow by bobswin
Achilles mourns Patroclus. New Armour II by MarysMirages
Heroes of Bronze: Platea (479 BC) by MartinKlekner
Hephaestion's death by MarysMirages
Nasz2 by misiek100
Eastern Europe
To Pest, from Buda by haloeffect1
20160902dsc09999 by ltiana355
European Misc.
Stone Age 101 - Part 5 by Pelycosaur24
Cossack by mamut077
Sundiata Keita of Mali by TyrannoNinja
Sun Temple by Nele-Diel
Stateira II by JFoliveras
Tungusic Hunter by JoelChaimHoltzman
North America
Ilvermorny Uniform by Eldr-Fire
Mexico and Central America
Quetzalcoatl  by Africa2000
South America
Chimu Tumi by Africa2000
The Caribbean Islands
Captain Charles Vane by dejan-delic
The Pacific
Papuan Apsara Sketch by TyrannoNinja
Mythology and Religion
Demeter ~ Greek Mythology by Yliade
Historically Inspired
Lullaby by Lasarasu
Chieftain by basschel
Sorting Folder
Condottiere and Mercenaries by GrafvonEichenlaub1

Random from Featured

Persian Empire by boscopenciller Persian Empire :iconboscopenciller:boscopenciller 331 55 Incredible India by nidhi-rathish Incredible India :iconnidhi-rathish:nidhi-rathish 85 64 Sumer by Tadarida Sumer :icontadarida:Tadarida 283 13 Amanirenas by Tadarida Amanirenas :icontadarida:Tadarida 105 12 Samurai vs Mongol by jugodenaranjo Samurai vs Mongol :iconjugodenaranjo:jugodenaranjo 95 18 The Girl of Tang Dynasty by xiuyuan The Girl of Tang Dynasty :iconxiuyuan:xiuyuan 96 11 King Shaka Zulu II by ISOTXART King Shaka Zulu II :iconisotxart:ISOTXART 50 1 Sarah Bernhardt by GretaBug Sarah Bernhardt :icongretabug:GretaBug 19 11 Dancer by omonteon Dancer :iconomonteon:omonteon 90 6 Aztec Jaguar Warrior by Sandoval-Art Aztec Jaguar Warrior :iconsandoval-art:Sandoval-Art 1,155 146 Shiva and Sati by rogner5th Shiva and Sati :iconrogner5th:rogner5th 533 10 Jamuqa by bitrix-studio Jamuqa :iconbitrix-studio:bitrix-studio 161 6 Vercingetorix by MiguelCoimbra Vercingetorix :iconmiguelcoimbra:MiguelCoimbra 200 16 Caesar and cleopatra by MiguelCoimbra Caesar and cleopatra :iconmiguelcoimbra:MiguelCoimbra 724 40 summer by lalunaq summer :iconlalunaq:lalunaq 601 16 Officer in the Roman Legion by malaskor Officer in the Roman Legion :iconmalaskor:malaskor 132 18




I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone whose still actively watching and submitting to this group, but I no longer have the time or stamina to dedicate to this group. I've already sent the request to close the group to the DA powers that be and haven't heard back yet.
Thank you to everybody whose participated and allowed their wonderful art to be displayed in this group. I'm sorry that I poorly upheld my own duties.
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I am suddenly not allowed to submit to this group. Did something happen by accident or is there a reason for this that I am unaware of?
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bobswin Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2019
Submissions are timing out before being accepted or rejected

I submit pictures to this Group from time to time.  Often these submissions expire before a decision is made.  I know that running a Group is time-consuming (I am a moderator on several Groups myself) but the current situation is unfair on members.  Please extend the period allowed before submissions expire, you can configure a time up to one month.

Best wishes, Bob.
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Do you take any form of literature or stories based on history?
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Hello, dear~

I'd just like to mention, for any admin unlucky enough to get me, some things about my story so as to clear up confusion. First of all I'd like to make known that my story (Tales of New Eden, or ToNE, which you may see in the titles), is a story that I categorise as "historical fantasy", but according the the criteria listed on your "history inspired" folder, I don't think it would belong there. All of my characters actually come from the real world, but are physically merged with plants/flowers in a magical way. The story takes place in mostly the real world and sometimes and alternate dimension which is not in a particular nation. It's up to you how you categorise it; I just personally think that it isn't "fantasy" and more "mythological".

Thank you for reading; have a lovely day ^^ I love the idea of this group!
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