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season finaly



hey all friends
merry christmas and happy new year
this's my new style
i feel so better
i did't double check for the shell file of font colors before
but this time i check it :gallery:

about inside the shell icon name by Phuzion

other skins :
Miranda IM : Season IM by :iconodioart:

RocketDock :Season Green Docks Suite by :icondiors:

RocketDock : Season for RD by :iconeos8:

Miscellaneous : SEASON for shutoff by :iconeos8:

CD Art Display : Season by :iconeos8:


revision purple color have three days :P
if have not some bug(problem)
release final version in a week

note :
some winXP system will be a exception "not enough storage available to process this command"
but can use it , i'm trying to fix this long-standing problem

updates :

* new install programs hot of location
* small close button of location
* test on winXP_sp3 not for exception
* narrow the scope of the firefox toobar some buttons

+ add purple color

* minor change to orange start button of color

last :
thanks to all friends again
happy new year =D
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just downloadin for wine compatibility layer ty