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Bag for XP_1.1

for winXP
include that icon for iconpackager
the icon size is(16|24|32|48|64)
make by me :D
if you need PNG file can go that link

add compact style

wall by heyisTi [link]
icon by gakuseisean[link]

my god ... i forget keep resource file
just after delete resouce discover
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We demand more visual styles like this!!!
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you like black color ?

more black style on DA

but not design shell

I intend to design new style next month :D
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I like black and dark blue. I'm looking forward for a new VS from you. All of your VSs are very nice, but Bag is fantastic. I even have seen some rips of the Bag VS. So, make something like that. :)
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yes this style is good
but i find some problem recently
this style have not luster effect
and that small five button is bad design
next style i must append luster effect and new five button :D
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It will be very nice. I'm waiting to your new VS!!! Hope it will be even better than previous ones. :D
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Also one thing, maybe it's better to make the fonts darker? In my opinion, they are a bit hard to eyes. :)
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if the show is light-colored Chinese would have been better
but i will release darker version here
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i like black and dark blue too
deep blue maybe is good idea
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This one is my favorite. Superb style. Great work. :D
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man...really...this is...this is, this is bag vs ! :D really really good style, great job!
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any plans for a styler toolbar?
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styler don't use on win2003
that software restrict for winXP
i try some version(include crack)
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I love this! Can you make compact version?
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please download again :D
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Oh man thats fucking awesome! compact taskbar too please haha
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wow~i m sorry
because i use win2003
don't use styler
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thank you for using my Wall :D
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you're welcome :dance:
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Hi~ Dude,Echo615! Wow,Cool & Refined!
Have a Great Luck!
Now,Very Good. Only,hope start button is another one. C U. ^^*
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Good Job....
Thanks :)

My Blog = Win Themes [link]
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