Which convention would you like to attend most (or are most excited at attending soon)?
51 votes
Comic Con International
My local Comic Con
My local AnimeCon
My local Steam Punk Con
My local Horror Con
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By echo-x
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SDCC happens to be my local comic con. Sad to say I won't be attending.
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I'd love to attend Otakon again but already went to ACEN this year. Finances not allowing for two out of state cons this year :XD:
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Just attended Phoenix Comic Con!! It was even better than last year. I seriously would love to see you there next year if possible. It's growing pretty popular. We're giving San Diego a run for it's money. :)
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It's a big convention month for me. E3 starting tomorrow and San Diego Comic Con after that. I'm sad I missed Phoenix Comic Con but had other commitments.