What kind of games do you prefer to play?
91 votes
Tabletop Roleplaying Games (non-digital)
Board Games/Modern Card Games (non-traditional)
CCG (non-digital)
Card Games (traditional) - e.g., Poker, Bridge, Hearts,...
Picture Puzzles (2d or 3d)
Word/Number Puzzles
Video Games - Console
Video Games - Computer
Video Games - MMORPH
Video Games - Sports
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By echo-x
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Everything except Sports video games.
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I wrote "prefer" because I expect people to have their "go to" game style. I'll play lots of things - but TTRPG is always my first choice.
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There really needs to be a multi-option. LOL.
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Card games for sure. 
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Somewhat addicted to Civ5 and anything involving Warhammer 40k, especially DOW: Soulstorm.  Tabletop... Shadowrun and Pathfinder.
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Imagination:  The best graphic's card EVER!  :D
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But, as it is getting harder and harder to get groups together, I also have to go with Console and PC video games.  More PC after the new generation of consoles have come out.  But I play for the stoyline more than for the action.
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We're actually experiencing a renaissance of TTRPG. It started around 6 years ago and is now really popular. We have a waiting list on our game right now. It depends on where you are. Look for people who are fans of Community or Big Bang Theory first.
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Problem is more work related and babies being born.  I'm the odd one around.
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True story: Just before my son was born, I was given Call of Cthulhu as a gift. At the time I had no groups to play with. The friend said keep the book and play with your son when he gets older. 11 years later, I've already run CoC twice for my son using that book. Haha.
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Tabletop RPGs, namely Star Wars D6 and Edge of the Empire, Eclipse Phase, Night's Black Agents, BareBones Fantasy, Doctor Who AITAS, Call of Cthulhu. Last month I even ran Palladium's Robotech RPG which I last played 25 years ago.
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Tabletop RPGs, Video games (PC, mostly FPS), and some traditional card games. Sometimes I'll venture into console games, though rare.
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