How old are you? (Just curious)
162 votes
Jr High School
High School
Adult 18-25
Adult 25-30
Adult 30-45
Adult 45+
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By echo-x
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I broke down the age groups by their respective cultural influences. Reading this correctly is tricky. My husband is a marketing professional and says:

"School ages are usually influenced by peer groups more (e.g., current pop-culture focused on their demographic) while working age groups are more inclined to have individual preferences influenced by their lifestyle. Respondents to this survey were more inclined to respond to the 30-45 year age group. They were least inclined to respond to the under 18 age groups. Care should be taken not to assume every respondent answered with their correct age or that a quality sample was available of respondents. Absent age groups may reflect those groups inability or disinterest in responding to the survey correctly (if at all). High scores for some responses may indicate a cultural pressure to answer "correctly" and thereby inflate them out of scope. The survey suggests that artwork intended for the 18+ audiences in this Gallery is desired - if not preferred - by this audience. However, this contradicts the DA statistics of artworks "Viewed" and "Made Favorite" which put the glossy Kawaii-style desserts as the top-ranking artwork on this Gallery by many multiples, which is primarily viewed and made favorite by those under the age of 21."
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Woah nice! Totally more people in my age group on here than I expected.:D *is 32*
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Your age ranges are interesting :)
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Too old I feel, sometimes.
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