Artists: What's your measure of success showing at an Art Show or Convention?
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Profitable enough to pay bills and save (after expenses)?
Profitable enough to spend money at the show (after expenses)?
Pays for expenses (not profitable)?
Earns "a lot of exposure." (remember, you can die from exposure)?
When it's a lot of fun. (I don't expect to make money)?
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By echo-x
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Wait... We're supposed to MAKE money when we work conventions? OMG. That explains so much.
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Har di har har, Talon.
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To echo (pardon the pun) what shepherdessdog said, it's all about expectations. My artwork is never going to be able to replace, income-wise, my regular bill paying job. So while I treat it seriously, and I am a professional in the small sense that I create works for people on commission and sell works at cons, I am realistic about what I can charge and what I will make from it. I mostly use the con sales to gauge how well I am improving my skills - if I sell more pieces than I did last year, maybe I'm getting a little better at what I do. :)
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I've always had my best sales at SDCC' art show more so than at smaller cons.
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You're right.

Some artists expect to sell at the show and others expect to earn after-show sales or commissions.

Some artists are looking for staff or contract work, and treat a show as an advertisement to pitch their portfolio to publishers and clients.

Exposure, in this case, refers to expecting after show benefits or profits and don't calculate the cost of the show except as an advertising expense.
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It all comes down to expectations
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