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Hello all,

I'm sorry to have vanished from DeviantArt for so long, but I was buried in commissions for nearly 2 years.

Among those projects were:

  • The Name of the Wind Art Decks, which included 32 original paintings of Name of the Wind characters, four vector Aces, two cards backs, two box designs, several vector background designs, and collateral. The Kickstarter was fulfilled in 2018 and you can buy the decks from me:…
  • The Shadowrun Sixth World Tarot, which included 79 illustrations and 3 cards backs. You can buy the Tarot from me:…
  • New Paintings for both my Fairy Tale Princess series and my Sultan's Favorite series.
  • More boxes for Celestial Seasonings.
  • Many brand new clients.
Thank you for your patience. I will be posting new art here over the next few weeks.

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That is a whole lot of work.
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Woo! Welcome back! :)