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My newest piece Falcon Queen (Freyja) is now on Kickstarter!

Click here to view the Kickstarter now.…

I am so pleased to announce the FOURTH in a series of new, highly collectible Echo Chernik masterworks. These works will be available exclusively* on Kickstarter to my fans and collectors. The editions will be low, and will appreciate in value as their demand and popularity grows.

This piece, the fourth in this series is Falcon.  I've always loved falcons, since I was a child.  In fact, every time I see one, I automatically associate it with having good luck.  

I've also been saving one of my favorite birds to pair with one of my favorite models, and a good friend of mine - Roxana Hire.  She's one of the most intelligent, beautiful, elegant, and intelligent women that I know.  Yes, I used intelligent twice (she's that smart). 

Photo-original-2 by echo-x

Why Kickstarter?

The concept of a Kickstarter edition allows me the time that I need to create personal, High Art Nouveau masterpieces, while allowing you to be a part of the process, and to collect early edition pieces that will increase in rarity and desirability.

This is the THIRD of a series of designs. You will be able to collect all, or simply your favorites. I intend to do a Kickstarter campaign for each print. Both the first and second are still available, so this is a great place to start if you would like to have the entire collection. Especially since the low numbers of the run should appreciate in value. 

Once each campaign closes, we lock the edition numbers in. The extra prints and charms are only offered at the next winged woman kickstarter, until they are gone. So, can you get Raven, Swan or Crane? Yes! While the kickstarter is open, you can!

Previous Artwork

The first in the series, Swan Queen funded at over 350% of my goal with over 150 collectors contributing to this masterpiece. Additionally, the original master-work was sold shortly after the Kickstarter had closed.
79a470c7ed0da4467377b01856237892 Original by echo-x

 The second in the series, Raven Queen funded with over 223 collectors contributing to this masterpiece.
D0359551bcc77773a832dda31ec6b823 Original by echo-x

Crane Queen - was also a smashing success.
A6fceb38b9d7beec8c2c3258ab467412 Original.png by echo-x

And here is the sketch for Falcon Queen:

0e45b000c532278a930c7d9e34112cb1 Original by echo-x

Thank you for you attention and support.

echo chernik

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