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The Dreaming of Beauty (Sleeping Beauty)

By echo-x
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©2015 echo-x, llc (me)

This is my interpretation of Sleeping Beauty.

MODEL: Miss Bella Rouge
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© 2015 - 2020 echo-x
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Gorgeous! Heart Heart 
alithking's avatar
Impressive art work, congratulations!
Jaylayson's avatar
This is gorgeous.  I love your work.  Hope you are well.
Victors1's avatar
Wow!  How do I get a print of this!?
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echo-xProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!

Limited Edition Prints are available at

Standard prints will be available exclusively at my booths this year at Comic Con International (San Diego), Gen Con (Indianapolis), and DragonCon (Atlanta).

In the fall, they will posted online for everyone.

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BoriBoriHunHobbyist Photographer
Oh! Wonderful tale!
ChalkArtist1216's avatar
ChalkArtist1216Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I bow to your brilliance, milady. :bow:  Wonderful work!
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Rubina1970Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely fabulous!!!
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EverwhoProfessional Traditional Artist
The level of awesome on display here is mind-boggling.  I am officially boggled.
echo-x's avatar
echo-xProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you, Talon. :)
gingado's avatar
Amazing work....:clap::clap:
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ChiBurbsHobbyist General Artist
Before I saw your name, I thought this was a photo manipulation. As always, your work is exquisite, but the level of realism you reach here is incredible. I hope your collector appreicates this as much as we seem to.
furrykitty899's avatar
furrykitty899Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very pretty
whendt's avatar
whendtProfessional General Artist
Very cool painting
jenninn's avatar
This is just... genius! Shocked :lovely: 
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DocRedfieldProfessional Traditional Artist
Gorgeous work, as always
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MichaelFusselbirneHobbyist Digital Artist
very work. this pic and the song from perfect circle....
ArtbroJohn's avatar
ArtbroJohnProfessional Digital Artist
PearOfDiscord's avatar
I never cease to be amazed by the detail and general loveliness of your works!  If I ever get to even a fraction of this level, I'll have accomplished a lot.
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ArtbroSeanProfessional Digital Artist
That's excellent. There are so many subtle details that I keep finding things I missed before.
valerio87's avatar
Can't recognize if is a digital painting or a Photo. Masterful technique!
echo-x's avatar
echo-xProfessional Digital Artist
LOL! Not a photo. I used about 17 photos for reference of this. I shot the model myself a few months ago - but even then it's a compilation of several photos of her from that shoot.
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