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Name of the Wind Characters

By echo-x
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Pat Rothfuss approached me to illustrate characters from his books to create a brand new set of playing card decks. The project ran on Kickstarter and raised about $600,000 and was fulfilled in 2018.

This poster is a collection of of my favorites. 

You can see all of the artwork and purchase prints or the complete decks from my website:

MODELS: Various
DIMENSIONS: 8x12 per portrait card
MEDIA: Mixed
AVAILABILITY: Some originals still available. Decks and Prints are on my website
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© 2018 - 2020 echo-x
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Oh my god these put real images to what my mind has been seeing for a year now. Well done, artist. Also, he came to you? That's amazing!

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If I could give some constructive criticism, you should probably add names. I know each one makes sense to you because you of course drew it, but each person has different ideas of what each character looks like. But the context clues you gave were good enough for most of the characters. And major props to you it looks great.

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That's gorgeous!
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Wicked Awesome!