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Goddess of Tea

Goddess of Tea - for the Buford Highway Farmer's Market (a world famous gourmet grocer) in Atlanta, GA.

MODEL: Yaya Han
TOOLS: Two Wacom tablets (Intuos 3 and Cintiq 21UX)
PROGRAM: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
EFFECTS: I don't use any 'effects'. In Illustrator I use simple strokes and Brush strokes, gradients and gradient meshes, and many many objects with varying transparency settings. In Photoshop I paint, often using the semi-transparent settings and glaze in the traditional neo-classic technique.

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© 2011 - 2021 echo-x
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Really LOVE this - especially because I love Tea.  Really brings out the "flavor".
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This is amazing, I love the compilation and ideas you use in this :D
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cool graphic!
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I love this. It looks so relaxing.
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very nice series, i want them as prints in my kitchen, at least the "tea" and "coffee"goddesses. the only point in this picture that i would criticise are the teabags. of course tea comes in bags but real tea aficiados use loose tea in teapots. that would make the picture a little more classy, but we´re talking about grams on tons ;)
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The purpose of this illustration was to promote "Tea" at an international market in Atlanta, GA, so every kind of tea and tea culture is represented because the market sells all kinds. Loose tea is represented in the illustration in the tea leaves, the tea flowers, and the tea ball. You'll notice tea cups from Asia and Europe and the more obvious Chinese woman wearing a Kimono and Geisha makeup. There is only one variety of Tea plant (according to my research) - and the differences come in the treatment of roasts and additional flavor elements. Of course, one can try to claim superiority of one treatment or steeping method over another - but I've met someone from a tea farm in the world's tea capital in China (they produce more tea in her state than anywhere in the world) and she proclaimed that tea in HER culture was synonymous with innovation. Sure, she drank oolong from bare dried leaves without sugar - but she microwaved them in whatever vessel was within easy reach. She also poured generic-brand chopped Earl Gray leaves from a steeping bag onto her ice cream. "The tradition", she said "is to enjoy tea and to not stand in the way of anyone else enjoying tea."
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Wow, you really did your homework. Definetely desererves credit and a fave. Outstanding series.
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Featured in my journal: [link] :thanks:
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where is the Goddess of Fish? :P
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Goddess of Seafood in the Gallery folder along with all the others.

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ahh saw her now :blush:
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Excellent piece! :clap:
This wonderful image is featured here! [link]
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omg this rocks - and I'm a teas drinker !
best of luck !
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Your work inspires me :heart: :)
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Your art is absolutely incredible.
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