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ECHO REMARQUES My First Sketchbook

Available Here: [link]
And Here: [link]
And on Amazon - Search for "Echo Chernik"

For the last 10 years of my career, I've been a commission-based freelance illustrator for advertising and package design. There's not much call for a fan-base in those fields - but in the last 4 years, I've been working on personal pieces (I guess you could call it Fine Art) and got back into publishing illustration.

Over these past few years, I've developed real fans of all my work - not just fantasy or pinup - but everything I do. I've traversed the country several time now going from art show to art show, convention to convention, and gallery opening to gallery opening, and the one thing people keep asking me is if I have a sketchbook for sale. Well, I didn't want to just put out 20 pages of scribbles - so I took my time and did it right.

So ECHO REMARQUES is my first published sketchbook, and it includes some of my favorite figure drawings, previously unpublished sketches, quick but beautiful roughs, and a collection of alternate finished sketches for some of my more popular pieces. Now you can see into my creative world a little more and in some cases may even fantasize about what *might have been*.

My other book:
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wonderful pencil work and a great looking layout! :thumbsup: