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By echo-x
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My version of a mermaid. Personal project.

MODEL: Linh Nguyen
TOOLS: Two Wacom tablets (Intuos 3 and Cintiq 21UX)
PROGRAM: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
EFFECTS: I don't use any 'effects'. In Illustrator I use simple strokes and Brush strokes, gradients and gradient meshes, and many many objects with varying transparency settings. Photoshop was used for her face, skin, and finishing.
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Would it be ok to possibly use this as a tattoo?

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Your stuff is amazing!
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I'm surprised you don't have a cult following on DA, your artwork is insanely good.
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I actually do have a pretty big following, but DA's popularity is really among a younger demographic than I usually cultivate. I travel to pop/comic/fantasy/anime cons across the world and do pretty well. My most popular piece on DA by far is just a collection of vector desserts I made as part of my other work... It fell into a vortex of kawaii dessert fans and blew up in popularity. If I wanted pure popularity, I might do more to satisfy them - but I do my own thing and survive quite well. My primary business is contracted commercial art like for Celestial Seasonings, Miller-Coors, etc. The personal pieces like Coy and my Cthulhu series are fun and have so far been profitable enough.
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Are you registered in any other websites? I only really know about DA and CAforums. It's great to hear that you are a successful vector artist, do you have any advice for a vector artist who is starting out?
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Go to my DA profile page, read my profile, and you'll also see ads to most of my links including my professional site, my online gallery for sales, Facebook, and more. I'm also on about a dozen other portfolio sites and I have 3 reps: New York, Chicago, and London.

I wrote a book about my career with advice for young illustrators. You can learn more about it here: [link].

Good luck!
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Excellent work as always.
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I have rarely seen such an amazing approach of a mermaid. Love it!
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awesome work, love the details all around
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vector skill: MASTER!
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Pretty incredible. :wow:
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The water ripples are perfection! I like how you integrated thick lines (reminiscent of vector) with realistic photoshop painting.
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On the limited edition Giclees, I use really thick varnish where the water is and make sure to give it extra rippling and swirling texture. I also take actual corroded chinese coins and varnish them in for a mixed-media effect.
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This is fantastic, with just enough realism and poster art to blend togheter seamlessly paired togheter with beautiful composition and color. Innocent yet daring at the same time. Really nice flow.
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Prints available here: [link]
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No shipping to Finland though :/.
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Wow! I love it.
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Ha! It took me a bit to notice the fish and catch the pun. Well done! (Lovely, too.)
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Thank you for noticing!
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Genius. Love the concept, the colors, the design!
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