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AAML: A Valentine's Dream Come True by EchidnaPower AAML: A Valentine's Dream Come True :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 90 20
Nativity Revisited
On a bone chilling, windy winter's night in Mobius, one of the city's churches was setting up quite an event, planned months in advance, into action. Ever since the first of October, this church had spent every day building an uncanny recreation of the city of Bethlehem. Now on this night, just a few days before Christmas, it was time to bring everyone involved together, and act out the night of the Nativity.
“Now remember everyone, we’re here to give our visitors as authentic an experience as we possibly can! So I want you all to remember our number one rule! Stay in character! So with that in mind, get to your stations, and have fun!” a bubbly middle-aged panda bustled off into the recreation of Bethlehem, with all her volunteers following closely behind.
These volunteers ranged from all sorts of different species, and this large and dedicated group of volunteers included three girls all wearing brown tunics and headdresses that hid their hair.
:iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 4 7
AAML: I Miss You: Pt. 3 by EchidnaPower AAML: I Miss You: Pt. 3 :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 139 42 AAML: I Miss You: Pt. 2 by EchidnaPower AAML: I Miss You: Pt. 2 :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 107 25 Amber Neige by EchidnaPower Amber Neige :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 7 6 AAML: I Miss You: Pt. 1 by EchidnaPower AAML: I Miss You: Pt. 1 :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 242 32 AAML: Introduction by EchidnaPower AAML: Introduction :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 83 14 Dash Adventures BtS: Interview With Tails by EchidnaPower Dash Adventures BtS: Interview With Tails :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 13 12
Hey everyone! Uh, listen...I'm REALLY tired of dA's limitations to written files, so now I'm here to tell you all that this is a Penguinshipping story that was commissioned by a deviant named Akai-love. But because of how LONG I made this story, because of just how inspired I was, dA is once again stopping me from posting it...SO! Instead of chopping stuff out and making it lose quality, I'll just leave you a link to the story on
If you all don't have a fanfiction account, then comment here on this page after reading it and leave me your thoughts! I put a lot of work into this one Akai, I hope you enjoy!
:iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 4 24
Timing Is Everything by EchidnaPower Timing Is Everything :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 146 15 Journey to the Unown by EchidnaPower Journey to the Unown :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 89 16
Keep The Faith
I can't believe this is actually happening! This must be the greatest day of my life, even better than when I was crowned the top coordinator of the Hoenn Region! I'm getting married! To DREW of all people!
I never, EVER imagined that Drew would ever humble himself enough to actually ask me to marry him! We had been boyfriend and girlfriend for a few years, but I always just thought that was as far as it would go, since Drew was always too prideful to ever lower himself to the level of humiliation it would require for him to ask me to marry him.
When we first got together, my friends acted happy for me, but they also weren't shy about saying how we were nothing alike, how we weren't compatible, how it would never work out…well I'm really happy to say that they were wrong.
We were on a date after one of Drew's contests, the sun was setting over the lake, we were enjoying a quiet dinner, just the two of us…suddenly he asked me what the greatest day of my life was, and I answere
:iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 5 24
Custom Sonic Sprites for DA by EchidnaPower Custom Sonic Sprites for DA :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 23 7 Houdini Sprites by EchidnaPower Houdini Sprites :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 14 12
Blessings From Heaven
I never would've guessed that I'd be here, I'm here in the Pallet Town Church, wearing a RIDICULOUSLY uncomfortable black and white tuxedo, and I was forced to leave my signature hat at home for this specific event. As much as I didn't like the idea of leaving it, I understood why I needed to. An old, worn down cap isn't something you wear at a wedding…oh…did I mention that it's MY wedding?
That's right, Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Sinnoh League Champion and soon-to-be Pokémon Master is getting married. I know, you're all shocked, and I don't blame you. Ash Ketchum? The most oblivious, dense, romantically-challenged guy in all of recorded history? Getting MARRIED? Well hey, I am 22 years old, it's not like puberty didn't apply to me. Although I will admit, it took me a long time to realize just how great girls were. I no longer question why Brock hits on almost every pretty girl he meets, although I will probably forever question his methods. Speaking of Brock, here he com
:iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 23 31
Dash Adventure Trailer 2.0 by EchidnaPower Dash Adventure Trailer 2.0 :iconechidnapower:EchidnaPower 12 19


sonic new costum move sprites by RamontheHedgehogXA sonic new costum move sprites :iconramonthehedgehogxa:RamontheHedgehogXA 43 13 Sonic brawl back kicking move (sprites) by RamontheHedgehogXA Sonic brawl back kicking move (sprites) :iconramonthehedgehogxa:RamontheHedgehogXA 32 38 The Last Shred... by shazam26 The Last Shred... :iconshazam26:shazam26 276 66 Winter Time by KasumiKetchum Winter Time :iconkasumiketchum:KasumiKetchum 116 12 Pokeshipping # 2 by Kaotic-Cass Pokeshipping # 2 :iconkaotic-cass:Kaotic-Cass 109 22 Pokeshipping by Kaotic-Cass Pokeshipping :iconkaotic-cass:Kaotic-Cass 134 31 Ancient Angel by MagicalCustardSquire Ancient Angel :iconmagicalcustardsquire:MagicalCustardSquire 58 22
Pokeshipping Valentines Contest- Contest Winners
Edit: 3/19/13
Hey guys, sorry it took so long to get back to you guys with the results but I hadn't had the time to read the fanfiction entries to make a decision with those. Again, I am so happy for the turn out and want to thank you all for making this an amazing contest! :iconbowplz: the judging was a bit difficult, especially on the fanfiction portion, to decide who was in what place since all the entries were good but here you all go!
In the picture category:
:star: 1st- by :iconcleopatrawolf:
You receive:
Colored drawing request from :iconichigo-girlxx:
Colored drawing request from :iconprincesspokemon:
And winning entry put in the Featured folder.
:star: 2nd- by :iconbruedance:
You receive:
Line-Art request from :iconichigo-girlxx:
:star: 3rd- http://princesspokemo
:iconpokeshippinghaven:PokeshippingHaven 4 146
.:Anime Test -Is Amy Mad?- by PhoenixSAlover .:Anime Test -Is Amy Mad?- :iconphoenixsalover:PhoenixSAlover 667 55 Silvaze by andreahedgehog Silvaze :iconandreahedgehog:andreahedgehog 1,453 147 Closer (with color) by lookatallthekitties Closer (with color) :iconlookatallthekitties:lookatallthekitties 59 21 Christmas gift__Merry chrismas!! by yanin15 Christmas gift__Merry chrismas!! :iconyanin15:yanin15 972 183 Sweet Dreams - of AaMl- by JunAkera Sweet Dreams - of AaMl- :iconjunakera:JunAkera 117 42 I Have Loved You All Along by PrincessPokemon I Have Loved You All Along :iconprincesspokemon:PrincessPokemon 200 31 Silvaze winter by DanielasDoodles Silvaze winter :icondanielasdoodles:DanielasDoodles 403 87




EchidnaPower has started a donation pool!
234 / 10,000
Well it's time for me to try my hand at commissions! I know what you're thinking, who me? EchidnaPower? The artistically challenged pencil hater? Well I may not be able to use a pen tablet, but I CAN use a keyboard!

That's right folks, I'm opening up a Fanfiction shop! If anyone wants me to write a story for you, all you gotta do is give me the characters involved, the story you want, and the end result of the story so I know what I'm writing towards! Or...if you wanna skip the story part, you can just let me adlib the story and you can just wait and see what I'm really made of!

Now here's the way it's gonna work. You have the choice of these five different subjects:

Sonic the Hedgehog
Kingdom Hearts
Star Trek: The Original Series

(More may be added later) After choosing one of those subjects, you tell me the characters you want involved, and the general storyline. Or like I said, you can ask me to make something up. xD

Now the prices.

Oneshot stories are 5 :points:
Chapter stories are 5 :points: per chapter.
Prologue/Epilogue = 2 :points:

And that's not all! Since I wanna expand my horizons, I'm going to take a shot at crossover stories! So if you wanna see any of the five subjects get merged with each other, these are the prices.

Crossover Oneshot = 7 :points:
Crossover Chapters = 7 :points: per chapter
Crossover Prologue/Epilogue = 4 :points:

Now there are a few ground rules I'd like to mention...

#1: I WILL NOT write anything erotic, so if that's what you have in mind, forget it. Romance is one thing, but if you want them having sexual intercourse, better find someone else.

#2: Nothing homo please, I won't enjoy it and my heart won't be in it, and then you'll get a sucky story.

And so with that, I say this. Please commission me! This pool is for a good cause! The points are going towards hiring an expert spriter to make an awesome sprite sheet of my original Sonic fan character, Houdini the Sugar Glider (profile of said character in my gallery) for the Flash movie me and my team are creating!

Oh and one more thing...if you wanna...give oints just for the heck of it, that's cool too. =3 Let's do it gang!

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Merry Christmas everyone!


United States
Just a simple Christian guy who you go to if you need advice or prayer or whatever it is you need. I was taught to help those who need it, so if you need help, and I can help you, you can count on me.

Maybe you don't speak english very well and you're making an english need someone to help you fix and/or help you with grammar and spelling? Ok, you got it.

And of course I'm a writer who loves Sonamy and Pokeshipping. You can decide which couple you prefer by reading either the Dash Adventure (Sonamy) or Pokeshipping (AAML: Diamond and Pearl Version)

Either way, I'm a nice guy who loves to have conversation about numerous things. Talk to me if you want.

Favourite cartoon character: Sonic and Amy, Tails and Cream, Knuckles and Tikal, Shadow and Rouge, And Silver and Blaze
Personal Quote: "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of GOD is eternal life." Romans 6:23


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