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Fungus on Sirius-B WIP

By Echemythia
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This is one of several final projects I am working on.
It's done for the most part but it needs a bit more work and of course the colors are off because my monitor I have at home is a piece of shit. I will adjust the colors at school if I need to.

I should finish this tomorrow.

Much thanks to Ryan Church's instructional videos! :)
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x-blackheart-xStudent General Artist
Ah! I haven't been on deviant for so long and you've already improved on coloring so much TT^TT But, yay! I'm so glad that you're doing so well! Keep up the excellent work!
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Thanks! :)

I'm doing a bajillion times better then I've ever done before! :D
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Preeeeettyyyyy. Lol Pretty cool dude.
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Haha thanks.

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(sigh)....I know, I know.

Oh, I saw that Fallen Angel thing. Pretty cool. I like that it has a pretty logical standpoint of how World War III would be like.

Oh, lol, in case you haven't heard the quote,

"I don't know how World War III will be fought, I only know that World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
-Albert Einstein
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I know that's what got me, is how plausible that scenario actually is! Plus the animation was awesome, if you exclude some of the character animation that was done by other animators.

Haha that's so true. And Einstein was saying that back in what the 40's? That was when they only had nuclear. Not THERMOnuclear which is like 200 times more powerful. :noes:
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Lol. Oh I've got some pretty interesting things to share with you :D


The first one, wow.

the second one, O_O so that's how the machines take over the world lol

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Hmm on second thought I think Samus looks to Anime/Japanese now...
I hate that look; I wish she looked like she always has. Now she's just another fake-looking "Advent Children" type of girl. :(
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I'm not really excited about the 'Samus under the suit story line' but rather, the 'kick ass third person game play Samus' they were showing off.

Let's also think for a second here. Team Ninja, a Japanese gaming development company who created Ninja Gaiden. Nintendo, another Japanese based gaming development company, joining forces. :O

Logically, given that Metroid was originally conceived by the Japanese people, some of the developers may want to have their ethnicity flaunted in a video game. But personally? I could honestly care less.

So what if she looks Japanese? Have you seen Japan's rendition of Spider-man? Lol Not to mention she never really had that much of a "look" anyways.

Anyway, game play wise? I REALLY like it. I was never a fan of the 'first person shooter Metroid.' I don't know why, I just wasn't.

This third person gameplay looks a lot more fun. Plus, it makes sense if Samus is the 'ultimate bounty hunter' in a Chozo suit, she'd really be doing that kind of kick ass maneuvering and fighting.
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Really? I really loved the FPS Prime games. Although the multiplayer sucked and they went downhill after MP2.

Yeah I'm excited about the 3rd Person aspect of it but I still don't think that it's all that "new" of a direction like the E3 guy was claiming. It's new for Metroid, sure, but not as far as gaming goes.

And yeah that makes since that they should make her more badass since she is supposedly the bestest of the restest as far as bounty hunters go. This looks like prequel so it will be nice to get a look at Samus's past. You saw the one dude who referred to her as "Lady right? He was her first commander according to Metroid Fusion.

I liked Metroid Fusion a lot because it had a lot of story in it; it wasn't just your usual Metroid game. The story focused on Samus.
But of course they left much to be wondered at so I'm interested now to learn more about her.

Yeah given that Team Ninja's gonna be making it...I'm just glad they didn't try to make her boobs enormous :P
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Dude that Metroid vid was epic. :o
Although it looks like it may become a FF wannabe. Idk i'm worried they'll screw it up.

But yeah I've already seen the Project Milo creeps me out. Milo...does he count as Artificial Intelligence?
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Ooooo, nice ^_^
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