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Among Us - CountryHumans Poland

It's been a couple days since Poland was thiccpilled by based Third Reich. The writing on her ass claiming her as German property is fading away, but the bottom half of her uniform won't fit. Her assets hadn't shrunk much since yesterday, and now she'll have to get pants tailored to her new size. Thick thighs are about to take lives if she sees that Nazi punk anytime soon.

This is a sequel to the previous CountryHumans - Poland post where the wine she accepted from Reich was spiked with expansive ingredients. Being unable move due to the hyper sized body she acquired. Poland could only wait for the effects to wear down just enough to at least walk.

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how you do this?

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I bet Kirby’s listening to the Gourmet Race theme! Or 1-2-Oatmeal, either of them
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He's listening to Greased Lighting from Grease. :3
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Ah the memories...

I take it you've played Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards?
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Shoutouts to SimpleFlips
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Put any music on in the background, and then stare at this emote. It works, trust me.
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oh god it really does
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It works best with upbeat, happy music
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she lisin to wacky workbench past

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Excuse me, SHE?! Pardon me but Kirby is a HE.
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Kirby is not a she. Kirby is a he.
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I think not, look it up on the wiki.
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He bop to the beat
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