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Please give me things to draw, I b e g .
Thanks so much for 40 WatCHERs- What is this witchcraft I don't deserVE thIS- It'S a SmalL NumbER bUT pLEasE- DIES
TaggED bY Ickykinq < Go check them out 

[ ]You have blue/green eyes 

[X]You have freckles 

[ ]You blush a lot 

[ ]You giggle (oops no sorry I laugh like a psychopath)

[/]You're quiet (sometimes uwu)

[X]You say random things 

[ ]You have a baby face 

[ ]You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing 

[ ]You're under 5 feet 6 inches 


[X]You're a virgin

[ ]Just think of sexual things make you blush 

[ ]Your idea of a date is really romantic 

[ ]You sleep with a stuff animal 

[X]You like to cuddle

[X]You never played the nervous game 

[X]You don't even now what the nervous game is 


[/]You like the color pink (eh--)

[X]You tend to wear light colors

[X]You CAN be ignorant (I'm always ignorant what do you mEaN)

[X]You consider yourself shy 

[/]You like happy, upbeat music 

[ ]You like "cutesy" music 

[ ]You like small animals

[ ]You like babies a lot (mm no definitely not wh o op s)

[ ]Mini version of things make you go nuts 

Now take your number and multiple it by 5

Then re-post this as "I'm __% Cute"

I'm 52.5% cute- hmm...... Lies-


I have no other tags because I'm a lonely piece of sh- chokes
1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!

I got tagged by mel-chan-eek 

Hmm I'll use my oc Kura. 

1. What is your real name and nickname?

2. What is your current age?
"I'm 14."

3. What is your favorite food?
"I don't really have one."

4. And your favorite drink?

5. Who's your lover?
"No one."

6. Have you ever kissed anyone?

7. What about your childhood?
"I didn't really enjoy it, I'll just say that, I guess."

8. Who's your favorite author?
"I don't read too often, plus I don't keep track of that kinda stuff."

9. Now, whats your biggest fear?
"Losing my only friend."

10. Have any siblings?

11. Who's your hero?
"No one."

12. Who's your worst enemy?
"I don't have a worst enemy?"

13. Who's your best friend?

14. What would you do if you met your creator?
"I'd ask her why she's been wasting her life on something that won't even matter in a few years because I'll most likely be forgotten by then."

15. What do you want to be when you grow up?

16. What's your worst nightmare?
"I don't know-"

17. What's your life long dream?
"I never really thought about it, so I don't really know."

18. What would you do if your life long dream came true?

19. Where's your favorite place to relax?
"Well, if it's raining out, Amber and I will usually just go for a walk and that's always nice."

20. What do you do most of the time?
"Oh you know, doing stupid stuff, giving off the idea I'm a rebellious kid that literally no one likes."

My sister keeps telling me dead baby jokes and I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack. I'm laughing so hard it hurts I shouldn't be laughing at these jokes.

My sister now just started sucking on a balloon and whispered "Practice makes perfect."
Tfw all your black markers are de a d and you wanna make traditional art.

What am I doing with my uSeleSs lIFe SmH
So, my sister as a joke threw an almost empty water bottle at me. I threw it in her lap. She threw it back at me again. I threw it back at her again but this time I accidentally hit her head. She threw it back and I deflected it with my right ring finger and now my ring finger is a little swollen and it's throbbing.

My sister is great amirite 
Stolen from :iconickykinq: < Hey they're cool go watch them

Anyways, comment a number hvfdjsmd

1. Height
2. Weight
3. First kiss
4. Crush
5. If I had one wish
6. Eye color
7. Hair color
8. Last text
9. Boy bff
10. Girl bff
11. Relationship statues 
12. Favorite song
13. Do I believe in ghosts?
14. Middle name
15. Last person I talked to?
16. Any addictions?
17. Biggest fear?
18. Sports I play
19. What am I currently wearing?
20. Worst thing in search history
I feel so sick rn I wanna throw up. Send help please I think I'm dying.


AlRIghT sO This. This child deserves more love- I love her so much she's an amazing artist go follow her or I might actually have a heart attack. I'm actually dying. She drew me something and I felt my heart explode. Ok I'm acting way too frantic about this but seriously- Go follow her. She deserves it. I won't say her age but she's young and just, it stuns me that's she's this amaziNG aT ArT jhgfbh kjbhj hGJVBJ

AlSO she might make a DA account and IF ShE doES- Then I'll link her DA account. jB IHGhg

UpDAtE- She made a DA account. Go watch her or I'll shove a bendy straw down my throat.
Rule 1: You can only say Guilty or Innocent

Rule 2: You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your journal, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 5-10 of your friends to answer this. Then see what happens.

1. Asked someone to marry you?

2. Kissed one of your friends?

3. Danced on a table in a bar?

4. Ever told a lie?

5. Had feelings for someone whom you can't have?

6. Ever kissed someone of the same sex?

7. Kissed a picture?

8. Slept in until 5 PM?

9. Fallen asleep at work/school?

10. Held a snake?

11. Been suspended from school?

12. Worked at a fast food chain/restaurant?

13. Stolen something?

14. Been fired from a job?

15. Done something you regret?

16. Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose?

17. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

18. Kissed in the rain?

19. Sat on a roof top?

20. Kissed someone you shouldn't?

21. Sang in the shower?

22. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

23. Shaved your head?

24. Slept naked?

25. Had a boxing membership?

26. Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?

27. Been in a band?

28. Shot a gun?

29. Donated Blood?

30. Eaten alligator meat?

31. Eaten cheesecake?

32. Still love someone you shouldn't?

33. Have/had a tattoo?

34. Liked someone, but will never tell who?

35. Been too honest?

36. Ruined a surprise?

37. Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you can't walk afterward?

38. Erased someone in your friends list?

39. Dressed in a woman's clothes (if you're a guy) or man's clothes (if you're a girl)?

40. Joined a pageant

41. Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?

42. Still have communication w/ your ex?

43. Cheated on someone?

44. Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning?

45. A total stranger treated you by paying your fare?

46. Get totally angry that you cried so hard?

47. Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?

48. Thought about suicide?

49. Thought about murder?

50. How about Mass Murder?

51. Rode in a stranger's vehicle?


52. Stalked someone?

53. Had a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Internal sobbing.

Sorry if the journals I've been posting lately are completely useless
I didn't get time to draw anything for pride month. At least I got the flag badge though? :')
I reached 1000+ views on my page and I currently have 32 watchers. That's a pretty small number but ehhH I don't care. Thank you guys so much. <3

Hmmm maybe I'll do something if I reach 50 watchers. 
I dunno how I want to start this out, really. Well, first off, if this is all over the place, I wrote this at 4:33 am.

Anyways, I'm slowly becoming more active on DA. I'm sorry to the people who actually enjoy my work. Just a lot has been going on these past few months and I just recently got a therapist/counselor to try and help me with mental issues and things along those lines. Also, I deleted a big selection of my deviations because most were from late December - late February and I wanted to be more up to date with my deviations I guess. I have been putting a lot more effort into my drawings recently and if I feel I can keep it up and gain a few more watchers, I feel I would be able to open up commissions and such. But they'd be extremely simplistic and things like that. The only things I kept on my DA page were, as I said before, more up-to-date drawings and a journal. I kept the only journal besides this one because I still won't be that active but I want to figure out some sort of schedule for me and keep it steady. 

Now to go a little more in-depth with the requests, I guess. I tried doing requests before but it was a complete fail, so I gave up. As I mentioned above, I have been getting better with putting forth more effort into my drawings and if I keep it like that, I will definitely take requests. But I guess it depends on my mood and if anyone wants my drawings. If I do go through with this, I'll probably post once or twice a week. Having said this, I don't post much at all, really, so I'd be posting requests only. And, I now use an actual good art program so now I can make ref sheets if I have the time. (For months on end, I used a horrible drawing website- For any of you wondering, it was I can't download professional art programs on my chromebook, so I was stuck using Aggie regardless. I now use my phone to draw.) I know I rambled about a few different things but I needed to get this across. 

Hope to anyone reading this has a great day/night and actually gets plenty more sleep than I do. It's now 4:44 am. I need sleep.

Anyways cya. Ily all, and congrats if you read all this because it was a lot to type. <3

P.S?? Uhh, comment down below if you actually want me to go through with this V V V V V V  
I dunno if any of you will care but for awhile, I haven't been feeling too well and I think I need a break from Deviant Art. I'm realizing I don't post as often as I should and it's because I don't have the encouragement to. I might just deactivate my account, I'm not fully sure yet. I just haven't been completely ok in the head lately so yeah. I'll still be on from time to time but only for checking notifications and things. Otherwise, I won't be submitting for I don't know how long. Sorry ahead of time for this but there's just been some issues in my life that involve friends and family and I need to get some recollection of things. Having said that, whoever may be reading this, I wish you a good day/night.

P.s If this is the last I ever post on DA, I just want to thank you guys for 23 watchers. It's a small number but I really do mean it from the bottom of my heart, love you all.