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Don't Starve Comic - Blood Eagles (Page 32)

By Ecfor
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"Wilson lacks the skill to pick up thoughts as efficiently as Maxwell but a little nudge in the right direction is all he needs. Maxwell wasn't the only person to enter the wilderness..."
Comic FAQ: The Blackboard
Fan Art: BloodEagles Group

Credits: Don't Starve by Klei Entertainment
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Нам нужно продолжение этого великолепия!

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6fangirl09Hobbyist Digital Artist
ughhhhh, this is so cool! i want more!
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i remember reading the first few pages back when there was only six of them! it's sad to know this story never got an ending but it's still beyond fantastic for what it is

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AbandonedShipStudent General Artist
hopefully you update soon! i absolutely love this, as well as the art style. can't wait :D
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As someone who had never heard of the game until this point (much less played it), this was a thoroughly enjoyable journey so far. You have a very distinctive art style, and it meshes quite well with the character designs--truth be told, I think I like them better than those used in-game. Watching Wilson and Maxwell develop a rapport and (barely) avoid killing each other has been very entertaining, and I can't wait to see what your tale has in store for them in the future. =D

Take as long as you need with your studies; obviously, real life stuff comes first. I'll be here when you return. :salute:
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eeetriesStudent General Artist
Hope you end up well with academics! Also, maybe this time you´ve taken goes and inspires you. Good luck-
Ecfor's avatar
EcforHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ~
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If I may ask, when will this webcomic update?
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Absolutely love it, can’t wait for the next part.
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AntoniosMomHobbyist General Artist
I want more, IT'S SO GOOD!
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I hope the story will continue one day and hope everything is ok for you, the story and the drawings are perfect, keep up.
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DarkwolfhellhoundStudent Digital Artist
Will there be more about this? I hope you keep going this is amazing! <3
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Sp33chlessHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing! I love this, and I believe your work is an inspiration for EVERYBODY in the DS fan base! The colouring and lighting is just astonishing. I understand you have to study, etc. So take your time! You’re a human person, not a robot, like all the rest of us in this comment section.
Ecfor's avatar
EcforHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!

I'm dealing with slow loss of family members at the moment. I don't know if it'll take months or years, we'll see if there's any help I can get.
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Sp33chlessHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, sorry about that then. You keep searching for help!
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Is this series going to continue? It's been 3 years since this page was uploaded. 
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DianaLilithHobbyist General Artist
But when? This is still my favourite don’t starve comic ever. Possibly my favourite comic EVER, and I’m a HUGE DC and Marvel fan
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wow, that's saying something. this one even beats out the white knight series, and the injustice series? the clasic infinity way, and the god butcher with thor. man, this must be realy good to beat out those. got good tastes
DianaLilith's avatar
DianaLilithHobbyist General Artist
Why thank you, this comic just has so much POTENTIAL, so many wonderful aspects that will bloom under the right artist, and luckily, it has the right artist.
RandomGuyThatIsNotMe's avatar
i can agree on that
DianaLilith's avatar
DianaLilithHobbyist General Artist
I’m glad my opinion fits your taste
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Hi buddy. I know, that work and studies are the most important things in life (except family and stuff like that...)but this comic is like drug for me. I've read it minimally three times per 1 month!
I will be very, very, very glad, if you draw an continuing. Even one page during half a year. Pleeeeease. Pleeease. Please... ó_ò
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BiomastreHobbyist General Artist
i hope you're doing well in your studies, your art is awesome and the story you wrote is very interesting and i wish to see more :D, good luck to you ^v^
Ecfor's avatar
EcforHobbyist Digital Artist
4 out of 5 said the academy, and thank you! :)
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