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We had brunch in Front Royal then headed south on Hwy 340. This is a pretty piece of Virginia countryside and worth a slow drive if you find yourself in the area.
I've just posted a handful of typical country scenes.
Comments, critiques and thrown tomatoes are always appreciated.
We took a road trip with old friends, to West Virginia this week. I've posted a few of the images and will be adding more, later on.
In case I've missed someone, thank you for all the favs!
I've just posted a couple images of my latest cardstock model creation. This one is called Terry's Tavern and it was designed using Inkscape and GIMP. The textures are my own maps taken from digital photographs.
If all goes well, I should have this kit available for sale on my Post Orbital Design website in the near future.
Terry's Tavern is in 1/48th scale and includes interior floor and wall surfaces, a serving bar and liquer storage, a pool table and several tables and chairs.
There is plenty of room to add interior lighting should one so desire.
Comments and questions are always welcome.
I just added a ZIP file to my website with a free model of a 19th century iron furnace. It's a bit more complex than the two simple sheets I have in my gallery here on DeviantArt. Here's the page with the… towards the bottom.
It can be assembled as an educational cutaway for schools or museums or as a model for an HO scale railway.
I'd love to see some pix of the finished models.
First off, I want everyone to enjoy a fun-filled, photogenic and safe holiday weekend!

Take care and be sure to hug everyone you love!

I also want to thank all those who have faved me this past week. I've been too busy to get personal notes to each, but I do appreciate them.
A huge thanks to everyone that has faved or started to follow me the last few days.
I've been snowed under and haven't been able to keep up on an individual basis.
I just uploaded some more images and tried for a bit of a mix between my old and new stuff.
Some of these were taken more than five years ago and two cameras models back.
Just for the record, In the last five years, I've used these cameras:

Pentax Optio 550
5Mp with a 5X optical zoom

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18
8.3Mp with an 18x optical zoom

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100
14.1Mp with a 24x optical zoom

Any post-processing and/or cropping has been with GIMP.
I just posted a couple of BaltiCon 2011 cosplay photos.
Over the next few days, I'll add a few of the others.
If you can't wait, check out a quick gallery I posted on this page:…
A huge thank you to everyone that has faved one of my images. I'm off to BaltiCon this morning, so won't be posting again until probably Sunday.
Have a safe and fun weekend, everyone!
I'm going to be at BaltiCon this weekend and naturally, will have my camera and tripod along for the ride. That means cosplay photos next week.
I just added a few of the many shots I've taken in swamps. I really love the peaceful feelings I get while wandering through a cypress swamp. The long beards of the Spanish moss cast flickering shadows as the bright sun glitters on spider webs. Hope y'all enjoy.
To everyone who has faved one of my images. I realise I might miss someone, so here's a group thanks.
I've seen DeviantART before, but this is my first try at setting up my own corner in the zoo.
It will probably take a bit for me to figure out how to use it.
If there are any questions, please feel free to email and I'll try to answer.
Much of my current Works in Progress can be seen on my website:

Kudos, critiques and thrown tomatoes are all welcomed.